Professional Licensing in Israel

|||Professional Licensing in Israel

Olim who wish to practice certain professions in Israel will most likely need to transfer their license. There are a number of bodies that regulate licensing in Israel, including: the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Welfare, and Finance.

In order to ease the process for Olim to receive a license through one of the ministries the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita) has initiated an inter-ministerial network that enables Olim to begin the process prior to Aliyah. The English version of the website can be accessed here:

This process is only to check the likelihood that an Oleh would be able to meet licensing criteria and DOES NOT replace the process conducted after Aliyah.

Healthcare Professionals, Educators, Architects, Engineers, and Electricians can click here to check their eligibility for transferring their license.

Licensing for lawyers and accountants is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. Professionals in these fields must contact the professional association within the ministry  to inquire about licensing

Lawyers can refer to the Israeli Bar here:

Accountants can refer to the Israel Auditors Council here:



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