Army & Sherut Leumi

Nefesh B’Nefesh is here to help you navigate through the ins and outs of serving your country. Whether you want to volunteer in the IDF or are picking the best position for Sherut Leumi, we’ve got experts who can help you find your path.

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  • Unemployment Information for Released Soldiers

    In general, released soldiers and Bnot Sherut need to work only 6 months in the past 18 months in order to get unemployment. An additional 6 months are counted from their service (סדיר only) to complete the 12-month requirement.

  • Assistance in Rent Payments For Released Soldiers

    In recognition of your service in the IDF, during the first year after your release, the Department and Foundation for Released Soldiers, will provide financial assistance for housings costs of up to 12,000 NIS (up to 1,000 NIS per month for up to 12 consecutive months after your release).

  • How to Request Reassignment

    All Olim Chadashim with a low Hebrew level (determined by the IDF at your Tzav Rishon) will be required to begin their army service with a three-month Army Hebrew Course at the Michvei Elon base.

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