Israel Life

2607, 2021

Pilot Trip Without Stepping Foot on a Plane

An unfortunate reality of these unprecedented times is that prospective Olim cannot come to Israel for a pilot trip. Whether you haven’t been to Israel in decades, or you come regularly and have a lot of family here, a pilot trip is usually recommended in order to make professional connections and to find the right community to fit your needs and your way of life.

2607, 2021

Working Parents Getting Through Corona Times and Preparing for Pesach

6:00 a.m. — Three-year-old wakes up at 6:00 on the dot every morning. Normally I’m up and getting ready for work anyway, but life in the time of Coronavirus means I am working from home. I let her come into our bed and we all chill and read books together for about an hour before we get up for breakfast.

2607, 2021

English as an Advantage

Many people who are considering Aliyah are rightfully concerned about their employment prospects in Israel. The truth is, the stronger your Hebrew is, the easier settling into life in Israel will be for you. But many Olim face the challenge of transferring their career to Israel – does your specific career exist in Israel? Is your Hebrew good enough to pursue jobs in your field upon arrival in Israel? These may seem like daunting questions, but you are actually coming with a huge advantage: English.

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