More empty nesters than ever before are moving to Israel—to be closer to family and to fulfill lifelong dreams of living in Israel. If you’re a retiree considering Aliyah, here are eight things to look forward to:

  1. MAKING AN IMPACT ON ISRAEL: Volunteerism is alive and well in Israel, and retirees have ample opportunity to make a difference—from serving food at soup kitchens to providing support to soldiers.
  2. BEING WITH YOUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS: For grandparents who have watched their grandchildren grow up over Skype, there’s nothing better than reuniting in Israel. Israel is a very family-conscious country, and families gather for chagim, Shabbat and often, to just spend time together during the week.
  3. TAKING JEWISH AND HEBREW CLASSES: In a country full of synagogues and Jewish learning institutions, there are unlimited shiurim and lectures to attend. For Olim, Hebrew Ulpan classes are offered for free, and serve as a great way to sharpen your Hebrew skills and meet other like-minded retirees.
  4. EXPERIENCING A FANTASTIC QUALITY OF LIFE: From shopping in the shuk for fresh vegetables to taking your daily stroll to the Kotel to setting out on a short trip to a tzimmer (Israeli-style B&B), you will finally be able to soak up the best of Israel every single day.
  5. MEETING OTHER OLIM THROUGH NEFESH B’NEFESH EVENTS: Thanks to Nefesh B’Nefesh, acclimating to Israel is easier than it’s ever been with weekly educational seminars, as well as social events and tours. Retirees learn exactly what they need to know for a smooth transition, while forging a community with other Olim.
  6. ENJOYING THE BEACH: The Mediterranean Sea is no more than a short drive away. But for retirees who want to see the stunning sea everyday, check out Olim-friendly seaside communities in Herzliya, Netanya and Ashkelon.
  7. GETTING INCREDIBLE HEALTHCARE: One of the amazing benefits of living in Israel is being able to see top-notch English-speaking doctors—for a fraction of the price paid in the US, and with no pre-existing conditions.
  8. CREATING A LIFE IN THE JEWISH HOMELAND: There’s no greater feeling than setting down roots in Israel and feeling like you absolutely belong. Between volunteering, studying, exploring Israel, and spending time with new friends and family, many Olim find themselves feeling more fulfilled than they have in years.