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How can I best prepare my child for Aliyah? When is the right time to move? How do I help my child become familiar with new surroundings? Parenting a family making Aliyah requires careful thought, planning and a lot of patience; at the same time, it can be an exciting opportunity for growth, inspiration and shared family experiences. The resources listed below are designed to help you and your family throughout the process -- before, during and after your Aliyah.
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1 Preparing a Child for a Big Move 7811
2 Step-by-Step Overview the Aliyah Process & Planning 129113
3 Sample Budget for Families in the First Year 25855
4 Realistic Expectations 6227
5 Joint Aliyah Application Process 38813
6 Aliyah and Your Marriage 7843
7 Helping You Settle In - NBN Post-Aliyah Department 4828
8 Application Options 202365
9 Points to Consider in Choosing a Community 45753
10 Juggling Work and Family 4640
11 The Family Challenge of Aliyah 5030
12 Preparing Your Children (and Yourself) for Their Aliyah 4423
13 Fun with Kids in Israel 16169
14 Registering for Marriage 12382