Sherut Leumi (National Service)

Based on the personal experiences of Anna Pomson, Sherut Leumi “alumnus”

Who is in charge of placements for Sherut Leumi?
The following organizations make Sherut Leumi placements for Orthodox young women: Aguda Lahitnadvut, Bat Ami and Aminadav. There is another organization, Shlomit, that makes Sherut Leumi placements for individuals from other sectors of society.

How will I know which job is right for me?
First, you have to figure out what interests you. Jobs are grouped into categories, such as office administration, helping children, working with the elderly, etc.

What should I consider, when assessing potential job placements?
If your parents live in Israel, you will need to decide whether you want to be near home. In some ways, there are advantages to going somewhere new and having your own freedom, while in other ways, it is nice to have the option of going home at the end of a hard day, just to crash.

How should I prepare for my interview?
Before you go for an interview at an organization, talk to someone who worked for that organization previously. Find out what to expect in the interview: Will there be a test? Will you need to write an essay? Will there be a formal interview? Each place is different, and knowing what to expect will help calm your nerves. You might also want to think about possible interview questions and practice answering them, so that you will be able to answer confidently. Keep in mind that organizations like to see that you are enthusiastic about the prospect of working there, and that you will put your heart into the work.

Do I need Protexcia (personal connections) to get a good placement?
Protexcia is always useful because the people who are hiring you, know little about you; if they receive a recommendation from someone they trust, it is valuable to them. However, what is most important is showing that you are a hard worker and a good fit for the job.

What is Yom Sayerot like?

Yom Sayerot is sign-up day for Sherut Leumi placements. Generally speaking, when you go for an interview, you also tour the facilities, learn more about the organization, and meet with the staff.

What if I sign up for Sherut Leumi after Yom Sayerot? Am I too late??!
Call the Sherut Leumi Rakezet (coordinator) for the organization that interests you, and explain why you wish to register. They are likely to consider you. However, keep in mind that you are sign up after everyone else has already started the placement process, and some of the spots may already be taken.

Should I consider a job placement just because it pays me a higher living stipend?
We do not recommend taking a job just because of the stipend. That is not what Sherut Leumi is about! In addition, keep in mind that at present, a Bat Sherut generally makes more money than a Chayal, though these types of things are always open to change.

How do I decide between doing army service and doing Sherut Leumi?
This is a personal choice that every Orthodox woman needs to make. One option is not better than the other, rather, it is a function of the kind of national service that is suitable for you. For more information, please email

Important Note: If you want to do Sherut Leumi, you must submit your exemption from the Rabbinate to your local drafting office more than 90 days before you potential draft date. If you don’t submit your exemption in time, the army will void your exemption and you will be drafted by the army.

Anna Pomson worked as a Bat Sherut at Nefesh B’Nefesh in 2009-2010. Thank you again, Anna – for all of your hard work throughout the year, and for sharing your experiences with future Bnot Sherut!

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