Bnai Zion Medical Center (formerly Rothschild) was founded in 1922 as the first Jewish hospital in the city of Haifa. It is now a government hospital with 454 beds and nearly 2,000 doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and administrative personnel. We provide advanced healthcare to all citizens of northern Israel with an exceptional standard of medical care and human service. As a community establishment, the medical center sets a prime example of coexistence and multiculturalism that characterizes the city of Haifa.

Bnai Zion is a center for innovation, affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at the ‘Technion’ and proud of dozens of our senior doctors who teach the future generation of Israeli physicians, and are selected as outstanding lecturers every year.

Our Nursing School, affiliated with the Department of Nursing at the University of Haifa, holds extensive research collaborations with the university, advancing the field of healthcare support.

Our medical staff is passionate about finding new courses of treatment. We take pride in being a research-oriented institute and therefore regularly take part in national and international, professional and academic conferences and share our unique findings. We also facilitate periodical peer to peer exchange of views and form collaborations with hi-tech industries in a variety of disciplines.

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