Sunday, March 10, 2024
in the New York Area

Are you thinking of pursuing a medical career in Israel?

A Taste of MedEx is the can’t-miss event for medical students and professionals considering Aliyah in the future!

Seize the perfect opportunity to explore employment options in Israel, network with medical professionals, gain insights into the licensing process, and receive expert answers to your medical career and Aliyah inquiries.

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A Taste of MedEx is perfect for those aspiring to pursue a medical career in Israel!

Sessions Available

Attend an informative session led by licensing professionals, MOH, & IMA. Networking time with hospitals and medical centers. This session will be offered twice, once at 9 AM and again at 12 PM.

Get Your Questions Answered

Get your career questions answered by medical professionals and your Aliyah questions answered by NBN staff.

Personal Networking

Great opportunity to connect with medical professionals, potential employers, and others considering the same Aliyah journey.