Date: Sunday March 10th, 2024
in the New York Area

MedEx is the can’t-miss event for medical professionals considering Aliyah!

The Israeli medical license transfer process is coming to you

This unique event provides medical professionals with the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Health Licensing Division, the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), Israeli health funds (Kupot Cholim), and hospitals. The certification of your documents can only be done in person.  This is the only chance you’ll get to begin the process of transferring your medical license and interview for a job in your field – all under one roof!

MedEx program and Taste of MedEx are now closed. Thank you very much

The MedEx conference is relevant for medical professionals planning Aliyah in 2024 or 2025. 

Important to note:
  • Conference registration does not sign you up for a timeslot to sit with the Ministry of Health representatives for a licensing meeting. Invitations will be sent out to register for medical licensing timeslots starting around mid-January and on a rolling basis after that.
  • Please register using the same email address you used to open your Aliyah application with Nefesh B’Nefesh. If you do not have an open Aliyah application, please go ahead and start one – you must fill out the basic information, accept “terms and conditions” and save the application in order to register to attend the MedEx conference.

For any troubleshooting issues please reach out to [email protected]

The NBN MedEx is an essential event for medical professionals considering Aliyah.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

WEBSITE | Location: Tel Aviv

 The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is one of the largest hospitals in Israel, and the only one located right at the heart of Tel Aviv.
A 1500-bed, world-class governmental academic medical center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has a well-deserved reputation as a national referral center across a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines, with the vision of providing excellent and compassionate care to all of its patients. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center stands at the forefront of medical research and development, and holds excellent collaboration with academia and industry partners. Over 350 of the hospital’s staff hold academic positions at the Tel Aviv University, the hospital’s leading affiliate. Medical and scientific talent and progressive research techniques have earned the Medical Center many prestigious international research grants as well as accolades for research discoveries and treatment solutions.
If you are a passionate, dedicated, and curious healthcare professional, be sure to visit us at the conference!

Ichilov Website

Sends CVs to
Yoel Angel, MD, MBA, [email protected]

Hadassah Hospital

WEBSITE | Location: Jerusalem

For more than a century, Hadassah Medical Organization has provided medical services to the people of Israel and the world. Located in Jerusalem, Hadassah provides world-renowned tertiary and quaternary care, creating centers of excellence and serving as a national referral center for a range of complex specialties.

The Hadassah University Medical Center is Israel’s only academic medical institution that combines teaching and training on one campus. Together with the Hebrew University, Hadassah provides outstanding education and clinical experience through its schools of medicine, nursing, dental medicine, public health and occupational therapy.Hadassah offers the “Medicine of Tomorrow”, incorporating advanced solutions with personalized treatment and individualized attention to each patient.

Send CVs to:  Kahn Shoshanah, Assistant to the Director General

[email protected]

Shaare Zedek Hospital

WEBSITE   |  Location: Jerusalem

Shaare Zedek Medical Center – Jerusalem

Founded in 1902, for the past 120 years, Shaare Zedek Medical Center has provided top-level medical care for the people of Jerusalem and is today the city’s largest and fastest-growing hospital. Bringing together a healthy blend of advanced medicine with compassionate care, Shaare Zedek is known and respected as a highly sought-after medical provider throughout Jerusalem, Israel and the broader medical community.

With a constant commitment to discover increasingly innovative means to provide patient care, the hospital treats over 950,000 patients per year. A medical staff of close to 1,000 doctors and 1,500 nurses is complemented by over 900 administrative and maintenance personnel. Many of Shaare Zedek’s medical practitioners are globally respected physicians and nurses, having advanced groundbreaking research into new and increasingly innovative treatments and therapies. 700 volunteers can be found engaged in activities in departments throughout the hospital.

Since early 2020, Shaare Zedek has been thrust into the global effort against the Coronavirus and since that time has become one of Israel’s leading hospitals for the treatment of patients with Covid-19. Over 10,000 patients have been treated on an inpatient basis and many thousands more treated in the Biological Emergency Room specifically set up for Corona patients. Given the high number of Corona patients we have treated and the vast data that emerges from those cases, the hospital has also been a major player in the international research effort into designing and testing various techniques and medicines. To date, over 150 Corona-related studies have been launched at Shaare Zedek.

A highly esteemed academic and research institution, Shaare Zedek acts as a teaching hospital affiliated with the School of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a relationship which helps promote the centrality of medical education and scientific advancement.

In embracing the vision of compassionate and advanced care that has characterized Shaare Zedek since the early twentieth century, the hospital proudly stands at the forefront of medical advancement both in Israel and around the world.

Send CVs to: Nili Shapira, Medical Coordinator
[email protected]

Sheba Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Center

 Established in 1948, Sheba Medical Center is the largest, most comprehensive healthcare facility in the Middle East, a recognized leader in patient care, and one of the top 10 hospitals in the world according to Newsweek magazine.
Sheba Medical Center includes a general hospital, maternity hospital, pediatric hospital, and a rehabilitation hospital. Sheba’s staff consists of over 1,700 physicians committed to the highest standards of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medicine and a total staff of approximately 10,000 employees. Each year, the medical center treats over a million patients, and conducts approximately four million medical tests. Sheba uses the most advanced medical technologies to treat patients with the most severe medical conditions.
Standing at the forefront of clinical research, innovation, and medical education, Sheba is committed to providing patients everywhere hope without boundaries by sharing its knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals and institution worldwide.

Send CVs to:
Shirly Berkovich, Deputy VP for Management and HR
[email protected]

Maccabi Health Services

WEBSITE | Location: All Over Israel

Maccabi health care services is the second largest HMO in Israel providing medical services to 2.7 million customers .
Maccabi has medical facilities nationwide providing community and prehospital care.
Maccabi has agreements with all major Israeli hospitals.
Maccabi is proud to be an HMO with a high percentage of Anglo staff and patients.
Maccabi is a leader in medical innovation in Israel.

Send CVs to:
Dr. Tanya Cardash, Medical Director Jerusalem and Shfela District
[email protected]

Leumit Health Services

WEBSITE | Location: All Over Israel

Leumit in numbers:
Leumit Health Services is a leading health care provider in the community in Israel, with:
Over 720,000 members that receive services
Over 320 medical centers throughout all of Israel
Over 150 pharmacies in the medical centers- the 3rd largest pharmacutical chain in Israel
Over 2,000 specialists
The most advanced laboratory in Israel analyzing over 1,000,000 tests per month
Leumit celebrated 80 this year!
Call center service-7 days a week

Leumit Website

Send CVs to:
Prof. Shlomo Vinker, Chief Medical Officer
[email protected]

Clalit Health Services

WEBSITE   |  Location: All Over Israel

Clalit is Israel’s largest healthcare network, providing primary, secondary and tertiary care to more than 4.7 million members. Clalit’s 14 hospitals and over 1,600 clinics and health facilities provide quality care to the unique needs of patients and their families. Second only to the government, Clalit is the largest employer in the country.

The Clalit staff places an emphasis on research and development. They are at the forefront of medical technological advances, allowing them to serve their patients with the most innovative treatment available. The combination of high-end clinical excellence and leading technological and scientific capacities makes Clalit an advanced innovation hub for promotion of basic and translational research, and for development rapid implementation, and comprehensive assessment of new clinical insights, equipment, and practice tools.

Send CVs to:

Meuhedet Health Services

WEBSITE   |  Location: All Over Israel

Meuhedet is a dynamic and innovative HMO, and a proud pioneer of Hybrid-Medicine in Israel, offering advanced health services with top tier doctors and medical teams. Our multi-channel accessible approach, which includes physical, digital and video services, allows us to customize the medical services to our patients according to their unique needs and preferences.

As a leading, yet boutique, health organization, we serve 1.3 million members in Israel, and employ approximately 3,500 physicians and 1,000 nurses. We operate 300 clinics nationwide, 120 pharmacies, 100 dental clinics, dozens of specialized centers, a chain of 4 state of the art private hospitals, as well as cutting-edge fully-automated laboratories.

If you seek a fresh, out of the box approach to healthcare, you are welcome to join our medical team.

Send CVs to Rachel Yochpaz:

+972 525412909⁩

[email protected]


Tzafon Medical Center (Formerly Poriya)

WEBSITE | Location: North

Tzafon Medical Center, located near the city of Tiberias, was established in 1955. At first, it’s activity from wooden huts, given by the Finnish government to the young Israeli State, in exchange for shipments of oranges. Since its humble beginnings, the medical center has come a long way and now boasts state-of-the-art departments, clinics, and machines. As a leading medical center in the Galilee region, “Tzafon” embodies the diverse human fabric of Israeli society and operates according to the values of equality, compassion, and tolerance. Committed to uncompromising accessibility to advanced medical services for the benefit of the region’s residents and bridging the gap between the center and the periphery in healthcare services through the development of excellent medical and research centers, Tzafon Medical Center stands at the forefront of the healthcare revolution in the area. The medical center has a broad regional influence both in terms of advanced medicine and improving the quality of life for its residents, as well as being the largest employer in the area. Soon, with the completion of the Helmsley Rehabilitation Center construction, an additional 550 jobs will be added, leading to the migration of new families to the area and economic growth. Tzafon Medical Center is committed to developing academic research, medical innovation, and excellence in the north, promoting a healthy lifestyle among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.


Sends CVs to:
Dinah Kagan [email protected]

Assia Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Center

Asia Community Health Services was established in 1991 as a group of experts in the field of family medicine by family doctors in the Negev region and has been operating since then in the fields of primary medicine and specialist medicine.
Currently, more than 150 doctors (specialists and interns) work in Asia, all over the country
Asia works in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the IDF in placing primary doctors and specialists from all professions at IDF bases throughout the country and provides professional medical services to soldiers.

Send CVs to:
Yaron Kislev, Manager of Special Projects and Recruitment
[email protected]

Rambam Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Haifa

Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1000-bed world-class teaching hospital. The patient population is diverse, as Rambam is the major tertiary (referral) medical center for all of Northern Israel, including12 district hospitals and defense and peacekeeping forces stationed in the region. Serving more than two million residents and others referred from all over Israel, the Mediterranean region, and around the world, Rambam is strategically located in Haifa on the Mediterranean coast and plays a critical role in the healthcare of the region’s residents, in addition to making a major contribution to the economy of the north.

Send CVs to:Avi Weissman [email protected]

Galilee Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Nahariya

Galilee Medical Center (GMC) is an international center of excellence and a pioneering medical institution serving a diverse population of some 650,000 residents of northern Israel. the Largest hospital in the Galilee region with 732 beds, 64 clinics and 53 specialty units, its highly qualified medical staff provides cutting-edge professional medical care. GMC is also the largest employer in the region, with 3,000 healthcare professional and300 volunteers. In addition, the hospital is an academic and scientific research medical center. Affiliated with the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar-Ilan University, Galilee Medical Center served as its main clinical field for medical students. It also has a first-class Medical Research Institute and our physician-Researchers participate in many research projects. At the forefront in quality healthcare, GMC is the first Israeli hospital to meet the stringent criteria of the International Standards Organization, and to receive hospital-wide ISO 9002 certification. In addition, the medical center has Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation for quality and safety in Medicine. GMC is also a medical treatment point for the Israel Defense Forces Northern Command, for United Nations peacekeeping forces, and other Non-Israeli organizations in the north. Additionally, GMC was the main hospital in Israel that provided humanitarian medical care to Syrian medical casualties of its civil war, who sought life-saving care in Israel.

Send CVs to:

Galit Tamir, Human Resource Manager

[email protected]

Merhavim Mental Health Center

WEBSITE | Location: Be’er Yaakov/Nes Tziona

.Merchavim is Israels largest mental health center operating 450 inpatient beds, 5 day care units and 10 outpatient clinics. We are affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of medicine in Tel Aviv University. In addition, we collaborate in research with the Weizman Institute and other leading researchers in Israel.
Among our services we focus on specialized services such as Complex PTSD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychogeriatrics, Depression, ECT and Advanced
Technologies and Forensic Psychiatry.
We believe in patients autonomy and hence that Psychiatric services should be voluntary and that coercion and commitment should be avoided.

Send CVs to: Gadi Cohen Rappaport [email protected]

Bnai Zion Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Haifa

Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa is one of Israel’s leading hospitals.

It is a governmental hospital with 450 beds, affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion (Israel’s Institute of Technology). With approximately one million residents in the greater Haifa area and nearly two million in northern Israel, Bnai Zion serves a critical role in providing health care throughout this region.

Bnai Zion provides dedicated medical care, education, research, and services to the diverse and growing population of northern Israel. Haifa is known for its authentic coexistence between the varied populations: Jews, Arabs, Druze, and Bahai. The staff at Bnai Zion is integrated from top to bottom, proudly reflecting the diversity of the communities it serves.

Send CVs to:
Prof. Zahava Vadas, Deputy Director, VP Research and Innovation

[email protected]

Herzog Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Jerusalem

The Herzog medical center, located at the entrance to Jerusalem, is a 500 bed hospital specializing in 4 major fields: Mental health, geriatrics, rehabilitation pediatric and adult respiratory care, with the largest ventilator care center in the country. The hospital was established almost 130 years ago as the first psychiatric hospital in the Middle East and has since expanded the scope of its work to encompass the additional fields above. We are seeking medical and paramedical staff in all the below fields, especially in Mental Health, Pediatrics and Rehabilitation

The Hospital is a US-registered 501(c)(3), and as such may be eligible for those seeking student loan relief under the Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Send CVs to:

Dr. Yehezkel Caine, President

[email protected]

Ziv Medical Center

WEBSITE   |  Location: Tzfat

Ziv Medical Center is a general academic hospital in the north of Israel, located in Safed. For more than 111 years, we have been serving the health needs of the region including the residents of the Upper Galilee and the Northern Golan Heights. Our patients reflect the diversity of Israel – Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druze, Circassian, and Bedouin. This diversity is also reflected in our staff who proudly work side by side. Our central mission is to provide the residents of northern Israel and anyone seeking our medical care a complete range of advanced medical services in the heart of the Galilee. We realize this vision of continuous growth by introducing new services which focus on providing the best care for every patient. Ziv Medical Center is affiliated with Bar Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine which opened in Safed in 2011. This academic affiliation serves to strengthen Ziv’s role in training physicians and increasing research capacity.

Send CVs to
Prof. David Peleg [email protected]

Shaarei Tzedek Hospital

WEBSITE   |  Location: Jerusalem


WEBSITE | Location: Global (Telemedicine)

MediOrbis is a multi-specialty telemedicine company that works with physicians and healthcare providers worldwide.

Send CVs to: Jonathan Wiesen, Founder, CMO
[email protected]


WEBSITE | Location: Negev (Ofakim) / Jerusalem

The ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitative village in Israel’s south and the ADI Jerusalem residential center are sister facilities offering a continuum of comprehensive loving care from infancy and childhood through adulthood for residents with multiple disabilities and complex medical issues.  ADI frameworks include the full gamut of medical and rehabilitative care, special education, vocational programming and social events, designed and adapted to enable each resident to reach his or her fullest potential. A leader in the national rehabilitation movement and an international advocate for disability inclusion, equity and access, ADI’s residential and outpatient services empower hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens to advance well beyond their initial prognoses and live happy, dignified and meaningful lives, laying the groundwork for the establishment of fully inclusive communities across the country.

ADI’s staff includes many English speakers and we welcome their professionalism and contribution to the multi-disciplinary staff in either the Negev village or the Jerusalem facility.

Send CVs to:

Tami Kashten, ADI Jerusalem , [email protected]

Eran Ben Dov, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, [email protected]

Barzilai Medical Center

WEBSITE | Location: Ashkelon

Barzilai University Medical Center (BUMC) in Ashkelon was founded in 1961 and provides medical services to a population of about 530,000 people during peacetime and in times of emergency, under fire, in the southwest region of Israel. The hospital provides services to the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, Sderot and the settlements around the Gaza Strip.

Currently, the Barzilai Medical Center is in a momentum of development, regarding structures, technologies and manpower, thus providing an advanced, modern and secure protected environment to its patients.

Barzilai Website

Send CVs to:
Inbal Shtivelman, Director of Human Resources 
[email protected]

WEBSITE   |  Location: Netanya Area

Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital is the only hospital in the Netanya area, and offer services to 500,000 people in Netanya and Hasharon area. The medical center began in 1976 as a maternity clinic. One by one, other departments were opened, including internal medicine, ophthalmology, pediatrics, surgery, ENT, intensive care, gynecology, dialysis, hematology, gastroenterology, oncology, angiography, and orthopedics.

Send CVs to:
Mrs. Ita Shimon
[email protected]


Verappo is a complete telehealth and telemedicine technology platform and service company. Verappo services health systems, physician practices, payors, nursing homes, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities by providing high quality resources. We provide the full continuum getting patients the right care right place at the right time. We utilize US licensed clinical professionals to provide care to US Health care facilities remotely.. At Verappo, we harness the benefits of the latest technology with skilled and licensed professionals to improve the lives of those we care for.

Send CVs to:
[email protected]


The MedEx licensing appointments are available for medical professionals planning to make Aliyah in 2024 or 2025. If you have any questions, email [email protected]

Please refer to the official Israeli Ministry of Health website for information about transferring your license. Refer to the green buttons below for profession-specific requirements.

Each page includes a detailed list of documentation that must be presented in order to receive licensing approval.


Professionals who would like to present their documents at the MedEx must bring their:

1. Original documents (to present)
2. Photocopies of original documents (to submit)
3. Your passport (hard copy plus a copy, for the notary to identify you)

It is extremely important to prepare your documentation in advance, and we are here to help! Let us know if you are unsure about a particular requirement or have questions that comes up as you prepare for your meeting with the representative from the Ministry of Health. The NBN website has additional information about transferring your license and practicing in Israel.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. If you are unable to attend MedEx, please refer back to the full licensing requirements including notarization of your documents. Original documents which are presented at the MedEx do not require additional notarization.


The Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) will be joining us at the 2023 MedEx (read more about the IMA here). They will be present to introduce potential physician Olim to the Israeli medical system and provide detailed and technical information about the process of working in Israel. Additionally and critically, they will be assisting physicians with the process of having their medical specialty recognized in Israel, before they make Aliyah.

CLICK HERE for the list of required documentation needed to have a specialty certification recognized in Israel (please note that many of the required documents are duplicates of the documents required for converting a medical license with the Israeli Ministry of Health).

In addition to copies of your documents, you must bring ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with you to MedEx!


We are thrilled to host the following hospitals and medical centers from across Israel at MedEx 2024. Stay tuned for updates, as we anticipate adding more hospitals to the list!

Asia Medical Center

Southern Israel | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Hadassah Medical Organization

Jerusalem | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Maccabi Health Services

All Over Israel | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Herzog Medical Center

Jerusalem | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Tzafon Medical Center (Poriya)

Tiberias | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Leumit Health Services

All Over Israel | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Meuhedet Health Organization

All Over Israel| Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Sheba Medical Center

Ramat Gan | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Barzilai Medical Center

Ashkelon | Website

Send CVs to [email protected]

more info>>

Registering for a Licensing Meeting

Meetings are available on Sunday, March 19th in New Jersey at the MedEx Event for:
Physicians, Dentists, Paramedical Professionals, Specialty Recognition for Physicians with IMA, Paramedical Professionals, Pharmacists,Nurses (inc. Midwives) & Psychologists

Can’t make it to MedEx?

One of the major highlights of attending the MedEx is the on-site Israeli/American notary who will be available to authenticate your documents. A one-stop-shop experience, all under one roof. While the MedEx is the place to be for medical professionals making Aliyah in the next two years, we understand that circumstances might prevent you from attending. If you were unable to attend the Medex, don’t panic! You can still begin your license conversion process from North America, which we highly recommend, and Nefesh B’Nefesh is here to help.

Check out our virtual events for medical professionals making Aliyah to get a head start on preparing for your Aliyah

Explore your profession and licensing requirements here.

Please note that the license conversion process from North America requires you to verify your documents. Please see license requirements for your specific field and pay attention to what documents need to be verified!

You have three verification options:

  1. Verification with an apostille after having the original document notarized.  Please read here to learn more about the process, including NBN discount options. Note: this article refers to Aliyah documents whereas academic documents are somewhat different. Vital records (birth, marriage, death, etc.) always require the signature of the person signing the documents apostilled. In academic documents, it is the Notary’s signature that gets apostilled. This means having the required academic documents notarized. Once notarized, an apostille agent can take care of county certification, if needed, and have it apostilled.
  2. Bring it to an Israeli notary and have them notarize it.
  3. A verified copy (אימות העתק, Imut He’etek) from the Israeli consulate.

Once you have completed your Aliyah and your professional license conversion process, you may be eligible for reimbursement of up to 4,000 NIS to cover expenses for notarizing your required documents (available only for options 2 and 3).

Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have!

* Last updated on January 24, 2023 *

Register to Request an Invite to Medex

* indicates required

General Conference Questions

The process will take some time, possibly even a few months. If you are looking to start working as soon as possible, you should begin the process now before you make Aliyah. In addition, once in Israel, you will have to travel from office to office and NOT have the opportunity to have it all done under one roof. MedEx is the only place in the world where you have the opportunity to do this all in one place!

MedEx happens only once a year in the Spring. The next opportunity will be Spring of 2025.

The MedEx licensing appointments are available for medical professionals planning to make Aliyah in 2024 or 2025 but all medical professionals considering Aliyah at any point are welcome to attend. If you have questions, email [email protected].

Only you can make that decision. However, last year, Olim from 19 states and Canada flew in just to attend MedEx and we believe that it was well worth it! MedEx licensing conference will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches!

Only you can make that decision. However, last year, Olim from 19 states and Canada flew in just to attend MedEx and we believe that it was well worth it! MedEx licensing conference will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches!

If your spouse/friend/child is unable to attend, you may present documentation on their behalf at the MedEx, though it is, of course, recommended that they attend. Please bring a signed affidavit that you have permission to present their documentation on their behalf. Obviously, the job fair will not be relevant if you are representing someone else.

This depends on each individual. But if you have an appointment with the Ministry of Health and plan to make the most of the fair, you should plan to be there for 2-3 hours. If you are planning to just come for your meeting you should be there for approximately one hour.

Absolutely! You should also have it ready on a thumb drive or folder, so you can send it via email. Furthermore, in the weeks prior to the MedEx, you’ll have the opportunity to send your CV directly to employers who will have representatives attending the event.

Yes! There will be a full complement of Nefesh B’Nefesh staff on hand to answer any of your questions. Feel free to approach any of the NBN staff present and they’ll make sure your questions are answered.

MedEx is free to attend. There is a cost to use the notary services. One of the major reasons to attend MedEx is to take advantage of authentication services provided, on-site, by an Israeli notary. The cost will be a flat fee of $300 payable by check, Zelle, or cash directly to the notary service. Click here to understand what documents need notarization. Reimbursement may be available through Misrad Haklita, and the details will be provided at MedEx.

One of the best things about the MedEx is the ability to sit one-on-one with Ministry of Health officials. Please be prepared to review your documentation, ask questions, and gain an understanding of what’s needed to complete the process.

Yes, there is.

Please contact us at [email protected] to get the details.

Yes, there will be some light kosher refreshments at MedEx.

Specific field questions

Please make sure you schedule a licensing appointment. You will automatically be booked to meet with officials from both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), both of which are required.

If you passed your USMLEs Step 2(ck) you are entitled to apply for a medical license at MedEx, please follow the instructions provided for physicians. We recommend speaking with the IMA representatives on how to move forward with your residency in Israel. Please note that there may be grant opportunities available should you pursue a residency in Israel. Please speak with us at the MedEx or email us at [email protected].

Yes, you should attend MedEx if you are interested in applying for your Israeli medical license. While some government hospitals and Kupot Cholim may be unable to hire you past retirement age, there are other opportunities that are available to you.
It’s important to understand that part of the process of applying for an Israeli medical license is to make sure that you meet the same requirements as your Israeli peers in the same field or specialty. This would be the same case if you were applying for a foreign license in other countries as well. We are happy to help you understand any additional requirements requested of you and to help you navigate the system, both during and after MedEx by contacting us at [email protected].
Please see the list of documents listed here and pay special attention to the form that needs to be completed by your nursing school.
You can see the full list of professions relevant to the MedEx here. If your profession is not listed and you would like guidance on how to practice in Israel, please reach out to [email protected].
You must complete the process for recognition as an RN first, then work for a period of time as a nurse after which you may submit a request for recognition as an NP. At MedEx, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your situation and credentials with an official from the Ministry of Health’s Nursing Division and make an individual plan for you to move forward with your licensing.

The specific exam that you require is held twice a year, on specific dates. There are strict deadlines for each exam date. So, make sure to sign up on time.

Specialty recognition (relevant for physicians only)

It’s similar to your medical license and your board certification. In Israel, you’ll have your Israeli medical license (approved by the Ministry of Health) and your specialty recognition (approved by the Israeli Medical Association).

A Hatama – or as formerly called Histaklut – is an orientation/on-boarding period for doctors whereby you’ll mainly work in your specialty under supervision, usually in a hospital setting. It’s to your benefit to make the most of this time period, whether it’s learning cultural differences or how the computer and referral systems work. Please note that it’s incumbent on you to find a recognized location that will accept you for this time period.

Misrad Haklita (the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration) set up a fund (קרן קליטה, Klita fund) to subsidize hospitals for the salaries of Olim doctors throughout their Hatama period. Please note: Misrad Haklita pays minimum wage ONLY (5572 NIS per month) and you can certainly negotiate a supplement, especially if your Hatama is conducted in the hospital in which you are expected to work. Discuss this with the HR liaison at the hospital in which you are going to work. Please contact us at [email protected] if you encounter any problems with this.

Documents questions

No. If your official documents are in English, they do not need to be translated.

Yes! One of the major reasons to attend MedEx is to take advantage of authentication services provided, on-site, by an Israeli notary. The cost will be a flat fee of $350 payable by check, Zelle, or cash directly to the notary service. Click here to understand what documents need notarization. Reimbursement may be available through Misrad Haklita, and the details will be provided at MedEx.

Please make sure you review the documentation requirements for your field ahead of MedEx and come prepared. If you do not come with all of your documents, please speak with our staff at MedEx or at another time to see how best to move forward. You can follow up by emailing us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Having an Israeli medical license gives you better employment options, and the ability to legally identify yourself as an Israeli licensed member of your field. Even if you are thinking of pivoting, to working in the biotech sector, for example – we encourage you to apply for your Israeli medical license.
Please bring an official letter from your school indicating that you’ll receive your diploma (with the anticipated graduation date) or a letter stating when you expect to fulfill your requirements to graduate. You’ll then be required to submit your diploma at a later date.

Professional Integrity Certificate (also known as a letter of good standing) is issued by the competent authorities from the applicant’s state of origin, confirming that there were no disciplinary, malpractice, or medical ethics complaints against the applicant. This letter must be mailed directly from the medical board of the state, in which you are licensed, to the Israeli ministry of Health. Another option is to have it mailed to your home address. However, you must keep it in its sealed envelope and submit it with the rest of your documents. In these two scenarios, no verification is needed. If your medical board will only do it by email, please contact us at [email protected].

Don’t give anyone your original documents! You’ll need to BRING your original documents for presentation and notary authentication, but you should keep them in your possession!

If you are a nurse or psychologist, you’ll need to have your degree recognized by the Ministry of Education. Click here for more information. You can only complete this process as you get closer to your Aliyah date, or after you make Aliyah. This should not delay any other document processing toward your Israeli medical license. Should you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our specialist, Shlomit Ben-Michael, at [email protected].

Licensing Exams

Most professions require an exam, even if you have been practicing since the stone age. Most physicians will be exempt from an exam, dentists who have been practicing for 5 of the last 7 years are exempt, as are all psychologists. Pharmacists may be exempt from part of the exam if they have been practicing for 3 of the last 5 years.
Assuming that all of your documents are in order, and you would like to take the exam within the next 12 months, you can submit a request to register for the exam while at MedEx. Of course, you can also register for the exam at a later date.
No. However, you can take the exam in Israel as a tourist, pre-Aliyah after all of your medical licensing paperwork has been submitted and approved. In this case, there is a tourist affidavit that must be completed and signed by a lawyer.
Yes! You can sit for the licensing exam as a tourist as long as all of your paperwork is in, and approved, plus a tourist declaration signed by a licensed Israeli attorney.
The specific exam that you require is held twice a year, on specific dates. There are strict deadlines for each exam date. So, make sure to sign up on time.
You may take the exam in English, but you must indicate that on your exam request form. If you are taking the exam as a new Oleh you are entitled to 30 minutes extra time, upon presenting your Teudat Oleh (Aliyah booklet).
Only Nurses, Speech Therapists, and Audiologists who take the exam in English will also need to pass a Hebrew proficiency exam (Yael test 110) or complete a Hebrew Ulpan class level gimmel (score 70).
Among your other paperwork, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate and submit proof that you are entitled to be exempt from the exam. You must present proof of employment on letterhead from your employer as a licensed and practicing dentist for Five (5) of the last seven (7) years. If you are self-employed, your accountant – on letterhead – must provide proof of your work as a licensed dentist for this period of time.

Yes! If you are attending MedEx and planning to submit your documentation for licensing, you need an appointment. You need to first register for the event and then you will have the opportunity to register for a specific appointment time.

We strongly encourage you to make a licensing appointment! MedEx appointments will fill up and therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist you without an appointment. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Invitations to schedule appointments will be sent out starting mid-January and on a rolling basis depending on your target Aliyah year, profession, and other factors.

Please try to be flexible with your schedule, but if you’re still having a scheduling conflict, please email us at [email protected].

You may take the exam in English, but you must indicate that on your exam request form. If you are taking the exam as a new Oleh you are entitled to 30 minutes extra time, upon presenting your Teudat Oleh (Aliyah booklet).

Appointments and time slots for licensing meetings