Pre Army Plans/Mechinot


Joining the IDF is a big decision, and preparation is key. There are several different ways to prepare, with the big three goals coming to [...]

Quick Guide to Joining Mahal


In August 2016, Nefesh B’Nefesh welcomed North American Mahal Lone Soldiers into the Lone Soldiers Program family! These soldiers (Mahalistim) are now eligible for [...]

Chayal Boded (Lone Soldier) Benefits


As a Chayal Boded (lone soldier) in the IDF, you are eligible for different benefits. Speak to your Mashakit Tash (army social worker) in your military unit in order to ascertain which benefits you are eligible to receive.

Teens and the IDF

2022-06-13T10:32:43+00:00Teens & Aliyah|

An email was received by Nefesh B'Nefesh from a potential Oleh who wants to make Aliyah in the summer with all of his family, except for his 15 year old son (who is planning on coming on tourist status). The following is an update about the implications of such, in terms of future Aliyah and Army service.

Yom Giyus (Draft Day)


The Tzav Giyus is a letter you will receive in the mail that provides information about your draft day, including when and where you are expected to be.

Army Service Programs


Hesder - a 42 month commitment, involving 26 months of Yeshiva study and 16 months of active army service. As part of Hesder, soldiers are drafted together into a field unit.

Tzav Rishon (First Notice) and IDF Draft


The Tzav Rishon (First Notice) is the first step in the army's drafting process. When you make Aliyah, your information will be sent to Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior). After this process has taken place, a Tzav Rishon will be sent to the address listed in your Teudat Zehut. If you move, make sure that you update the address in your Teudat Zehut at your local branch of Misrad Hapnim. You can expect to receive your Tzav Rishon anywhere within 6-12 months after making Aliyah.

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