This is an NBN Connect post on behalf of another organization.


  • Working with internal and external customers.
  • Providing service to business customers from the largest in the economy.
  • Providing a financial response to the firm’s clients regarding accounts, fees, and the production of payment invoices.
  • Collection, arrangement, and tracking of payments.
  • Working with dozens of clients of the firm and with attorneys and partners in the firm.


  • Previous experience of at least one year in office work and dealing with interfaces is a must.
  • Experience working with office applications, especially Outlook and Excel.
  • High-level Hebrew required.
  • English at a high level is a must (will be dealing with international customers).

Sunday through Thursday, 08:00-16:30, orĀ 9:00-17:30
Once every two weeks until 19:00 (overtime is paid).
Friday once every two/three months.