Hebrew English Translation
מג”ד Magad Regiment commander
סמג”ד Samgad Deputy battalion commander
מ”פ Mem-pe Company commander
סמ”פ Samech mem-pe Company commander’s assistant
מ”מ/מפק”צ Mem-mem/mafkatz Platoon commander
סמ”מ Samech mem-mem Platoon commander’s assistant
רס”ר Rassar Master sergeant
רס”פ Rasap Company sergeant major
סמל Samal Sergeant (in charge of discipline)
מ”כ Mac/mefaked Squad commander
חופ”ל Chopel Company’s medic
מ”שקית ת”ש Mashakit tash In charge of personal affairs
מ”שקית חינוך Mashakit chinuch In charge of education on base
שלישה Shalisha Adjutant
חמשוש chamshush Leave base on Thursday
שו”ש Shush Leave base on Friday
מקוצרת mekutzeret Get back to base early (e.g. Motzei Shabbat)
רגילה Regila One week off from the army (every 4 months)
מיוחדת meyuchedet Time off from the army in special cases
אחת עשרה-שלוש Achat esre- shalosh (11/3) In base for 11 days- home for 3 days
טירונות tironut Basic training
אימון מתקדם Imun mitkadem Advanced training
מסלול maslul The whole time a soldier is considered “in training” (about a year)
ותיקה vatika No longer in training- seniority
צ’ונג/צעיר Chong/tzair “young” = “green”
חמישים וחמש Chamishim ve chamesh (55) Number of a form you fill out in order to transfer into a different unit
ג’ובניק jobnik Someone who has an easy, non combatant job
שעה ביציאה Sha’ah ba yetzia One hour delay before the soldier can leave the base (a punishment!)
ריתוק rituk confinement
סוגר soger Staying in base, not going back home
נוהל שבת Nohal shabat No training or working from a few hours before Shabbat until after Shabbat
קצין העיר Ktzin ha’ir City’s military headquarter
גימלים Gimelim Sick leave from the army
בתים Betim Sick leave- but has to stay in base
מלש”ב malshab Someone who is in the process of being drafted
קצין katzin An officer
ש”ג Shin gimel A guard in the entrance to a camp
פקודות מטכ”ל Pkudot matkal Orders from the general staff, regarding the soldier’s welfare
מסע כומתה Masa kumta A long, hard final hike/march which at the end the soldier receives their corps beret
השבעה Hashba’ah Swearing into the army ceremony
לוף Loof Canned meat