Mazal Tov! You just finished your army service. Now it is time to find out about your benefits.

Ma’anak Shichrur: Release Grant

If you have served for at least 12 months (or if you were supposed to serve for 12 months but was released earlier due to medical reasons), you are entitled to a Ma’anak Shichrur or a release grant. This is a one-time sum that is transferred into your bank account within 60 days of your release.

If for some reason the payment has not been transferred into your account within 60 days of your release date, please call the IDF Payments Department at 03-6792888. If you are unable to reach someone there, please call 1111 Ext. 3 for the Payment Department.

The size of your grant depends on whether you served in a combat, combat support, or non-combat position.

Click here to get a rough estimate of how much money you should receive.

Pikadon: Deposit

The Pikadon is a deposit (the amount depends on where and how long you served) that is put aside for soldiers who serve for 12 months or longer. The Pikadon cannot be touched for five years from the end of your service, and at that point is transferred directly to the bank account that you provided during your army service. If you changed your bank account since you were released, please update your information here.

You will need to bring the form to Bank Leumi or Bank Hapoalim and request that they release your Pikadon to your new bank account.

If you are having any problems, please call the branch of the Ministry of Defense that handles released soldiers at 03-777-6770.

You can withdraw your Pikadon within the five-year timeframe for the following six purposes: education, vocational training, driver’s license, opening up a business, marriage, and buying an apartment. Click here for more information.

** Please note that if you do not claim your Pikadon within 10 years of your release, you are no longer eligible to receive it.

If you leave the country, and no longer have an Israeli bank account, fill out this form.

Section 9 deals with people who are no longer in the country; such individuals will receive payment through a power of attorney. It is important to understand that the IDF will only release this money to a registered Israeli bank account. You will also need to provide a power of attorney document, which is a written authorization giving someone the power to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs.

Whoever you have appointed in Israel to deal with your Pikadon will need to bring in both forms (the power of attorney document and the form from the website) to either Bank Leumi or Bank Hapoalim. Once both forms are submitted, the army will send your Pikadon to a registered Israeli bank account of your choice.

If you have any questions please call 03-777-6770 or visit

For any further questions please email

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