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In cooperation with the various Israeli Sherut Leumi organizations, Ori was created to provide a community and support system for the young women who have decided to commit to a year of national service in Israel.

Considering Sherut?

IDF Exemption for Religious Reasons

There is a possibility to get an exemption from serving in the IDF on religious grounds.  One can start the process of getting a Ptor (exemption – פטור) before or after receiving their Tzav Rishon (first notice – צו ראשון).In [...]

Sherut Leumi: National Service

"Sherut Leumi is a chance to give back to the country who gave me so much” –Talia Schickman, volunteer in a kindergarten for kids with disabilities Sherut Leumi is a national service option for religious girls between the ages [...]

Sherut Leumi: Benefits for Bnot Sherut

Bnot Sherut MUST have Israeli citizenship. There are a number of benefits provided for girls (Bnot Sherut) during the year they are completing their national service.  As well, additional benefits are provided to lone Bnot Sherut (Bnot Sherut Bodedot) [...]

About Us

There are currently over 150 girls participating in Ori from all over the world. They are placed all over the country in various volunteer key roles including working in hospitals, schools, high-tech, MDA, working as tour guides, and much more.

Through Nefesh B’Nefesh, Ori provides Lone Bnot Sherut with the guidance, support and assistance they need so they can experience a successful and meaningful Sherut Leumi. We are here for them every step of the way as their advocate, guide, advisor and mentor. We help the Bnot Sherut adjust and acclimate to their national service and apartments, place them with families for Shabbatot, create a sense of community by hosting social events, and provide them with bureaucratic assistance and vital information as they navigate their new life in Israel. We present Yemei Iyun (study/informational days) in which we offer guidance on topics such as how to manage your budget, how to take care of yourself while caring for others, and life skills advice so that the Bnot Sherut are empowered and have the tools they need to enjoy a positive experience during their year of service. We are also here to guide them towards the next stage in life after Sherut such as higher education in Israel.

The Ori staff is available for any volunteer or parent inquiries and support: sherutleumi@nbn.org.il


Help Desk

Why Ori

Ori is named to honor the memory and legacy of Ori Ansbacher z”l. She was known as a deeply giving young woman who saw the goodness and light in all that surrounded her. Ori was killed in a terror attack during her National Service. Through the Ori program for Lone Bnot Sherut, we will assist its volunteers to carry on her legacy through their service.


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