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Nahariya is a beautiful seaside city located 30 kilometers north of Haifa on a stunning stretch of the Mediterranean Coast. Founded in 1934 by Jews from Germany, it has now developed into a popular seaside resort and is the capital of the Western Galilee.

Nahariya is defined by its beaches, cafes, small-town atmosphere, clean air, friendly people, and diverse population. Walking, jogging, or bike riding along the promenade, one sees fishermen casting into the surf, and in season, young people on their boogie boards. The sunsets are exquisite. There is a warm, friendly, yet small English speaking community. Some of the English speakers who are moving to Nahariya are coming from within Israel, while others are coming to Nahariya directly upon their Aliyah. People are friendly and it is a relatively easy place to integrate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Aliyah services are in place and used by the city’s many Olim, most of whom come from the Former Soviet Union (while a handful originate from South America). There is no English speaker on staff. The local Klita contact is Deputy Mayor Dima Epstein (phone: 04-987-9851), who works with Olim on an individual basis and seeks to help integrate Olim into Israeli society by introducing them to local support services in the areas of education, employment, degree recognition, rental assistance and tiyulim. Nahariya has a local Ulpan, which offers levels Alef and Bet, as well as more advanced day and evening Ulpan, depending upon the need.

The local Klita contact is Deputy Mayor Dima Epstein (phone: 04-987-9851)

Martine & Eli Baer
Martine: 052-323-2018
Eli: 054-585-7408

Yoel & Marcia Anouchi
Married, Dati Leumi, with grown-up children

Ben Soller & Hazel Michaels
Married, active retirees.
054-364-6721 Ben
077-917-5211 Hazel

Goldie Naiditch
Chabad, married children in Israel

Rena & Steven Haberfeld
Rena – 053-532-9311
Steven – 053-531-7322
Dati Leumi, semi-retired, grown children