Welcome to Israel Money Diaries.  We are asking Olim how they spend their hard-earned money during a one week period — and we’re tracking every last shekel.  If you are interested in joining us in this project, please contact dafna@nbn.org.il

Occupation: Staff Coordinator
Industry: Non-Profit/Tourism
Age: 25
City: Jerusalem
Salary per Month (brutto or before taxes): 7500

Monthly Expenses

Rent/Mortgage: 2075 (I live with two roommates)
Transportation: 200-300
Health Care (basic health care is covered for all Israeli citizens through the government, but people may choose to go private): 95 for Maccabi Sheli
Internet: 22
Electricity: about 50
Gas: I think 120 for a balloon (once in six  months), so about 20 a month
Water: 20-30
Municipal (Arnona): 210
Va’ad Bayit: 59
Cell Phone: 39
Streaming Services: 9 (Spotify)
Savings/Pension: Pension about 1400, other savings between 500-2000
Gym: 350

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The Diary


10:00 AM – Woke up, made my morning matcha (started switching from coffee to matcha recently) and did yoga. Had a quick breakfast of chia seed pudding that I made the night before and pomegranate seeds. Packed up my meals and snacks (quinoa salad leftovers, veggies, two eggs, bean salad, carrots, and an orange) for work. I usually pack enough for two meals at work because I get home late working US hours. I’ve been really good lately about bringing food instead of buying at the office.

12:00 PM — Got on the bus. Normally I have a monthly pass, but this month I’m leaving the country to travel for part of the month, so I’m saving money by paying per ride. I loaded 100 (which gives me 125 to spend) onto my card at the beginning of the month. Went to Maccabi Pharm (the pharmacy directly connected to the health insurance) on the way to work to pick up my prescriptions. Had to pay 400 for all of them, but only because I was getting enough for extra months and for special medications because I’m going away. Normally my prescriptions would cost around 75-100 a month (four prescriptions). Got on a bus to work (free transfer within 1.5 hours).

3:00 PM — Getting hungry by now, so I eat my bean salad with a soft-boiled egg.m

8:00 PM – I eat quinoa salad and an egg at my desk. I have to do staff training online after.

11:00 PM – I finally get home. Don’t usually work this late, but I had something specific I had to do that needed to be on U.S. time. Normally I would get home around 8 or 9pm. I actually just quit my job, so today was my last day in the office, but I still have to keep up with emails until Thursday. So, I got home and my roommate was having wine and cheese with a friend and she offered me some. I ate that and some pomegranates as a snack and then got in bed.

Daily Total: ₪400


8:00 AM – I want to sleep late, but I wake up automatically around 8. Anyway, I get up to make matcha and have chia seed pudding with pomegranate for breakfast.

1:00 PM – I finally get out of bed after being super lazy and eat soba noodles and homemade pesto for lunch, and then some small snacks a little later (pomegranate and leftover quinoa).

8:00 PM – I go out with a friend for dinner at a “street food” restaurant in the Shuk, Crave, and then get ice cream after.

Daily Total: ₪93


9:00 AM – I get out of bed to go to Zumba, but then decide I don’t really want to. I make matcha and then go to do some work on my computer.

12:00 PM – I made eggs and sweet potato for lunch, go to vote, and on the way home I head to the store to pick up a couple of pomegranates.

6:00 PM – I go out to dinner with my roommates. We get two pizzas and a salad to split, and then I start craving ice cream so I go down the block to pick some up.

12:00 AM – I’m up late watching the election results in Jerusalem and get hungry again, so I make some noodles.

Daily Total: ₪88


9:30 AM – Make matcha and eat yogurt with pomegranate for a quick breakfast.

1:30 PM – I make a Thai green curry with veggies and chicken and quinoa for lunch.

5:00 PM – I go out to the art store to get some more white paint and varnish for a painting I’m making.

8:00 PM – Went out to dinner with a friend so that I could see her before I leave.

Daily Total: 152.80


12:00 PM- Was really lazy this morning and spent a couple of hours reading in bed. Finally got up around noon to have a matcha latte and some yogurt with peanut butter and pomegranate seeds.

3:00 PM – I had some crackers and hummus for a snack.

4:00 PM – Went out to get my favorite doughnut before I leave since I’m missing Hanukkah in Israel, but they didn’t have any good flavors, so I walked home.

6:30 PM – Having leftover chicken curry and quinoa for dinner.

9:00 PM  – I go out to meet a friend at an event at Beit Alliance. She got me into the event for free (I think it was 30 for entrance), and I spent 25 on a gin and tonic. Afterward, we went to a couple of bars in the shuk. The last one we definitely didn’t need, and it was a waste for me to get another beer. At the first one, Hatch, I spent 60. We ordered wings, a fried mac and cheese ball (kosher, vegan cheese), and a drink for each of us and split halfway. At Beer Bazaar, I got a beer and a soft pretzel and it was 48.

Daily Total: ₪133


12:00 PM – Got out of bed, made sweet potato and eggs for breakfast, and rice for my Shabbat meal. Spent the rest of the day cleaning and working on a painting. Thankfully didn’t spend any money!

Daily Total: 0


9:00 AM – Today was Shabbat, so I didn’t spend money most of the day. I had lunch at a friend’s house and read in the afternoon.

8:00 PM – Went out for a date and got cocktails. He bought me a drink that would have been around 50.

Daily Total: ₪0


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