Aliyah. It’s your move.

Thank you for showing interest in the Nefesh B’Nefesh Virtual Mega Event.

We are thrilled that so many people were able to join us for the live webinars and want to ensure that those who couldn’t join us live can still access this information.

Below you will find the recorded webinars.

Vendor List

The following vendors had committed to attending the Aliyah Mega Event in New Jersey. Please be in contact with them directly about their services to new Olim.

We are experts in packing & shipping personal belongings ,art and commercial based on Door to Door services
including all customs process

Contact : Shuki Miteran

AAS-CPA is a leading international accounting firm in Israel. We provide a variety of services including tax planning, tax compliance, audit, accounting and a range of advisory services. We also help many immigrants in various stages of Aliya.

Contact : Yanina Musnikow

We provide comprehensive tax and accounting services for the US and Israel.

Contact : Ron Zalban

Religious Zionist youth movement. We run a program for integrating Olim Chadashim into Israeli society, through the youth movement. We work with the kids, parents and the local community in order to create a safe, fun and accepting environment.

Contact : Eitan Zivan

Annatel provides telecommunication services (mobile and home internet) with offers especially designed by olims for olims.

Contact : Ruben Braka

Bais Yaakov Magen Avos is an American style pre-school and elementary school in Beit Shemesh. We offer a strong Torah education along with a solid secular education and extensive programs for New Olim in a warm and supportive environment.

Contact : Michal Weissmandl

Municipality absorption department

Contact : Tami Elmaliach

We are a family owned business [since 1953] serving families making Aliya. We specialize in American appliances that work on 220 volts along with installation & warranty in Israel. We are well known for our honest advice & guidance.

Contact : Avi Feigelsein

One stop shop of professionalism in taxation, accounting and auditing. Jerusalem based accounting firm with a solid reputation over 50 years’ experience. The Firm operates throughout Israel U.S taxes department.

Contact : Eitan Caspy

We offer clients a simple way to transfer money overseas. We are one of the largest international payments provider, offering an outstanding customer service and bank beating rates.

Contact : Naomi Feltham

Here to help you navigate the Israeli real estate market- finding the home of your dreams, and helping you negotiate to get the best deal possible. With our partners, we help you with insurance, health care, mortgages, banks, construction and more.

Contact : Barak Daon

Dolphin Express is an International Relocation and Freight Forwarding company. We are based in both USA – Hillside, NJ and in Israel – Yokneam Elite. We offer complete Door to Door service from any area in the USA. Shipping Household Goods & Parcels.

Contact: Sharon Donenfeld

Garin Tzabar is the only program that provides a full support system for its participants before moving to Israel, during and after their army service including assistance with IDF bureaucracy and building and maintaining the group.

Contact: Amit Even

Interior design and styling. Over the past 8 years, Giti Freilich has designed hundreds of homes in Jerusalem, Beit shemesh and Gush Etzion area.

Contact: Giti Freilich

GO Startup Nation is the organizer of the brand new Masa Tech program. Work at Hi-Tech Companies in Tel Aviv and Boost Your Career! Open the doors to your career in R&D at start-ups and high-tech firms around Tel Aviv.

Contact: Dotan Tamir

All insurances in israel. Car home life pension health travel business

Contact: Yirmi Gold

Goldfus Insurance is the largest English speaking agency in Israel, with offices in Jerusalem, Modiin & Beit Shemesh. Specialising in Olim Chadashim and working with all the major companies, we provide smart insurance solutions for our clients.

Contact: Ronen Goldman

Gvahim is a non-profit organization that helps Olim and potential Olim find employment in Israel.

Contact: Jonni Niemann

Haifa, our beautiful city, welcomes new immigrants and toshavim Hozrim and has much to offer. The city has unique attributes: dynamic scientific and economic sectors, an excellent education system, leading academic institutions

Contact: Smadar Stoller Porat

Our law firm was established in 1970 by Mr. Haim Givati. We specialise in real-estate law and transactions, and all related matters. We focus on providing you with the best possible personal care, and guide you step by step throughout the process.

Contact: Yair Givati

Whether you are making Aliyah, or buying property in Israel, IsraTransfer can help save you money with changing dollars to shekels. Cheaper than banks First class Anglo style service. Convenient online client access

Contact: Daniel Eisenberg

Jerusalem Municipality Department of Immigration and Absorption. Individual guidance through the Aliyah process.
– Select your neighborhood
– Employment- networking and resources
– Bureaucracy
– Education
– Culture
– Communal Integration

Contact : Yisrael Cohn

Kef International Ltd., based in Jerusalem, is the oldest Aliya shipping company in Israel. Staffed exclusively by Olim, Kef’s service is unsurpassed. We do everything to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, to make your move stress free.

Contact : Adam Perlman

KPMG Somekh Chaikin is a global accounting firm providing financial services in the worlds of Audit, consulting and Tax in 153 countries around the world. The firm in Israel has about 1,300 employees and have offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa

Contact : Judy Gisher

LGBT Olim is the community for LGBT people who have made aliyah or who are considering doing so. We run regular social events for LGBT English-Speakers in Israel, and also LGBT-friendly Hebrew classes. We also answer LGBT-specific aliyah questions.

Contact : Roy Freeman

Masa Israel Journey is the leader in experiences in Israel for young adults. Our diverse portfolio of study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish studies programs help you grow as a person, a professional, and a leader!

Contact : Liran Haviv

We are a family based boutique Realator based in Israel’s Riviera who made Aliya from the UK in 1988. We help our clients buy or rent the perfect property that suits there needs. Also we will introduce you to schools, shuls and set up your utilities

Contact : Maxine Marks

MSIH is a four year English language medical school at BGU which incorporates Global Health modules into all four year of the education. Students graduate with a MD degree and are uniquely positioned for residency in both the US and Israel.

Contact : Beth Chesir

Shoham is a thriving young town in the heart of Israel. Founded in 1993, Shoham has become one of Israel’s most desirable communities for young, educated people seeking a high quality of life with outstanding educational and cultural institutions.

Contact : Peleg Reshef

Naale Elite Academy provides Jewish teens with the opportunity to complete high school in Israel, fully sponsored ans supervised by the Israeli government.

Contact : Ravit Bar-Av

Nili Singer Law Firm provides Israeli civil law service including estate planning, continuing power of attorney (living wills), Legal guardian, inheritance law and real estate law.

Contact : Nili Singer

Legal services for all types of real estate contracts and transactions (sale, purchase and lease) , preparation of wills and inheritance matters

Contact : Jane Olman

“We help Olim find jobs with companies looking for mother tongue English speakers.
Positions we specialize in are: Software developers, IT support specialists, Digital marketing experts, Finance, customer service and admins.”

Contact: Yehuda Freilich

Pioneer provide investment management solutions for assets held in the US and Israel. We assist Olim manage the new tax reality as they engage with two tax systems simultaneously. We service clients financial needs during the entirety of their Aliyah

Contact: Aaron Djanogly

Since 1987, Sonigo has helped olim move to Israel. While new olim, the Sonigo family moved olim for the Jewish Agency back when olim received free shipments to Israel. Sensitivity, Caring and the Sonigo Touch remain key components of a Sonigo move.

Contact: Shmuel Mantinband

International Relocation

Contact: Ilan Servadio

For Anglos By Anglos!
TCS Telecom offers home phone, mobile phone, internet & cable TV service.
TCS customer support are native English-speakers built just for you
Visit today to get started.

Contact: Eitan Gross

Tivuch Shelly, established in 1989, is one of Israel’s leading real estate agencies, helping well over 1,000 satisfied English-speaking families find their ideal community and home in Israel. We sell new projects & re-sale across Israel.

Contact: Shelly Levine

Ulpan La-Inyan implements the most effective methodology teaching conversational Hebrew to all levels. We offer small group courses fully reimbursed by the Ministry of Absorption, all over Israel.

You can get started learning Hebrew online now with private one-on-one lessons.

Contact: Ora Derovan

Yerushalayim Torah Academy (Y.T.A) is a Yeshiva High School for English speakers located in Yerushalayim. It is designed especially for the Oleh and offers a new and innovative program that has become the model for the Ministry of Education.

Contact: Jay Weinstein