6-12 Months Before Aliyah
6 Months Before Aliyah
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a The Jewish Agency for Israel Shaliach (representative)
  • Educate yourself about Israeli universities and Ulpanim
  • Network for job opportunities
  • Apply for a new passport/renew your existing passport
  • If you are an Israeli citizen, make sure you’ve applied for an Israeli passport
3 Months Before Aliyah
8-10 Weeks Before Aliyah
  • Receive notification from The Jewish Agency Eligibility Department
  • Apply for an Aliyah visa at the Israeli Consulate (the process takes two to three weeks to complete)
  • Book your flight and review luggage guidelines
2 Weeks Before Aliyah
  • Submit any special flight requests
  • Collect original documents to put in your carry-on luggage
  • Confirm transportation to airport
  • Purchase enough prescription and over-the-counter medications for at least one month
  • Confirm that your Israeli address and contact information are on file with Nefesh B’Nefesh
  • Finalize bank arrangements and web-based banking ability
Day of Aliyah
  • Print and pack your flight arrivals form that you received from the NBN flights team
  • Arrive at the airport three hours before your flight time
Upon Arrival in Israel
  • Schedule an appointment with your local branch of Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption)
  • Contact your family abroad

A pilot trip is a fact-finding pre-Aliyah trip. A pilot trip enables potential Olim to meet with professionals in their field, visit a variety of communities, explore educational options and meet other Olim.


Three to twelve months prior to your Aliyah

  • Transcripts from universities or high school, incl. SAT scores
  • Resume (hard copy/disk on key/email)
  • List of social contacts
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Checklists
Things to Consider
  • Employment options
  • University options
  • Elementary and high school options
  • Community/housing options – try to spend a weekend in one of your potential communities
  • Whether or not your ATM card works in Israel
  • Price of appliances in Israel vs. abroad (comparison shop)
  • Ulpan options in the community of your choice
  • For more information, please see Planning a Pilot Trip

Careful financial planning is an important aspect of the Aliyah process.

  • In preparing a budget for Aliyah, keep in mind that the job search may take three to six months. Review our sample budget.
  • If you expect to receive money post-Aliyah from abroad, consult with tax accountants in Israel who are familiar with foreign and Israeli tax regulations.
  • If you are eligible, you will receive Sal Klita (a monetary gift from the State of Israel). See our Sal Klita calculator for amounts and disbursement schedules. You will be notified of your eligibility once your Aliyah status has been approved.
  • Where relevant, explore options for loan consolidation.
  • Remember that currency values fluctuate. Be sure you have room in your budget to accommodate these fluctuations, especially if foreign currency will be an important source of income.
  • Get your bank to issue an ATM card that works abroad.
  • Tell your bank you’re moving abroad so they don’t think your credit card is stolen.
  • Research how to transfer money to Israel using bank codes and authorization numbers.
  • Cancel multiple credit cards.
  • Explore online banking options.
  • Consider granting power of attorney to a friend, relative or lawyer for your accounts.
Online Resources

See Employment Resources for articles about how to conduct a job search in Israel, helpful resources for the job seeker and entrepreneur, and detailed information about a wide variety of professions, current licensing procedures and Israeli employment-related laws.

Social Media

Social media helps you connect with professionals internationally and search for job openings in Israel. You can join one of the dozens of Israeli groups to learn about available openings, or you can search for a group in your particular profession.

Job Lists
  • Plan carefully for what you will need in Israel
  • Make sure you have a written quote from the shipper which includes all expenses
  • Consult with friends and relatives as to which items are suitable for use in Israel
  • If you are making Aliyah with children, ask them which items they would like to bring
  • Go shopping at Costco/BJs/Sam’s Club before you pack
  • Put aside items you may need during your first few weeks in Israel and take them with you on your flight
  • While packing, try to label all boxes with their corresponding room within your home in Israel
  • Color code boxes according to the room and  label rooms with color-coded signs to help out Hebrew speaking movers
  • Mark the contents of all boxes which you packed on your own
  • Make lists of the content of each box
  • Measure your lift (wooden crate)
  • Verify that your lift is full (built to size)
  • For more information, please see Packing Your Home for Aliyah
Things to Consider

If you have items that are not being shipped to Israel, consider doing the following:

  • Selling items on eBay or Luach.com
  • Having a garage sale
  • Donating items to charity

Note: If the Customs Authority decides to open your shipment at random, you will be liable for the fees related to the unpacking, re-packing and surveying of your belongings.

Things to Consider
  • To ensure your pets’ smooth Aliyah, you must abide by all rules & regulations outlined by Misrad Hachaklaut (Ministry of Agriculture) & El AL.  For detailed guidelines about bringing your pet(s) to Israel and relevant links to Misrad Hachaklaut & EL AL’s websites, see: Making Aliyah with Pets
  • You will be required to obtain documentation such as health certificates and import licenses (depending on the type and number of pets) for your pets, as well as documentation of administered vaccines, and results of mandatory blood tests and you will need to notify relevant authorities.
  • Your veterinarian must be USDA or CFIA certified to complete the health certificate.
  • If you plan to join a Nefesh B’Nefesh group or charter flight, please email [email protected] with the following information, so that we may arrange your pets’ reservations with EL AL once your flight is confirmed: Type of pet, weight of pet, weight of kennel and dimensions of kennel (height, length & width).
  • If you are arriving on an individual EL AL flight, please arrange your pets’ reservations directly with EL AL when booking your flight.
  • In cabin-seating for pets is extremely limited and is not guaranteed. Pets not assigned to the cabin will travel in the pet cargo hold which is temperature regulated and well-lit.
  • Be aware that the size and number of pets you bring may affect your ability to rent an apartment. Some apartment owners do not allow pets. Pets are not permitted at any of the absorption centers.
Plan Accordingly
  • Start the process 3-4 months in advance and make necessary arrangements to obtain relevant certification, plan for vaccinations/blood tests/exams, and complete all other requirements.
  • Budget accordingly! Your veterinarian will likely charge you for the cost of the official health certificate and any required exams/tests/vaccines/microchips.  If an import license is needed, Misrad Hachaklaut charges a fee before a license is issued.  In addition, make sure to bring sufficient funds to the airport in order to pay EL AL for your pets’ flight.
  • Make sure to email the required paperwork to [email protected] 2-3 days prior to your flight’s departure.
  • For specific questions, please email Dr. Zvi Avni at [email protected] or Dr. Uri Ziv at [email protected].
Which Documents Will I Be Asked to Present?

Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) sometimes requests to see original documents at the time of your Aliyah processing. If Misrad Hapnim officials request to see original documents, and in order to ensure the fastest and most efficient processing, we recommend bringing your original documents with you on the flight and NOT checking them in with your baggage.

Please see the following link for a list of Documents to Bring on Aliyah Flight.

Things to Consider
  • Your birth certificate must have your parents’ names listed.
  • If your name on your birth certificate and passport do not match, you will be required to present an apostille.
  • If you are an Israeli citizen or held temporary resident (A/1) status in the past, and your marital status has changed since you last resided in Israel, please make sure you have apostille certification on all documents pertaining to any status changes since that time.
  • We recommend that you bring extra passport photos with you. You never know when you might need them!

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