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2607, 2021

Mateh Binyamin

The Binyamin region is one of the most beautiful regions in Israel, centrally located in the breathtaking hills just north of Jerusalem. The 48 communities of this region are surrounded by countless historical sites and gorgeous nature reserves. The variety of communities and lifestyles, range of housing projects and prices, and proximity to Israel's metropolitan cities will enable you to pick your ideal place for establishing your new home.

2607, 2021

Hebrew Ulpan Online: Why Its Popularity Has Skyrocketed

Teaching just made a comeback as one of the greatest professions! Molding childrens minds, expanding adults horizons, passing down a treasure trove of information from master to student. I believe online learning has made teachers on-trend. After all, when it comes to wanting information, we all look to the World Wide Web! You can study anything from piano to Hebrew, and you get an experienced professional teaching you.

2607, 2021

Petach Tikvah

Petach Tikva was the first city of what is now modern-day Israel, and was founded in 1878. It is now a thriving and dynamic city, which is integrated in every real sense of the word. Residents hail from every ethnic background and level of religious observance, and this has translated in being a place with a wonderfully warm and accepting sense of community.

2607, 2021


Rehovot has a reputation for welcoming Olim ever since it was founded in 1890. Rehovot is centrally located and the improved highway and rail systems makes Rehovot easily accessible from the Gush Dan-Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem areas.

2607, 2021


Herzliya, the city named after the visionary of the State of Israel, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl, located near a magical beachfront, is a city which has been standing at the forefront of progress in Israel for years – in high-tech, education, quality of life and recreational culture.

2607, 2021


Ra’anana was founded in the early 1920s by a group of New Yorkers as an agricultural settlement. Since that time, the city of Ra’anana has only grown in popularity, especially among Olim from North America and the rest of the world.

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