Here you will find a sample budget for a family planning their retirement in Israel.  This resource allows you to approximate your monthly expenses during your first year of Aliyah.ז

To view the current retirement age in Israel, click here.


  • All sums are in New Israeli Shekels.
  • All furniture, appliances and clothing are shipped from North America.
  • Upon arrival, you will be renting your residence.
  • Car expenses include fuel, insurance, registration, and maintenance, but not the cost of purchase.
Expense: Cost: Notes:
Total Sum ₪5,970-₪14,962
Rent: ₪2,500-₪7,500 Living in the non-center (north and south) versus the center (Tel Aviv or Jerusalem) of Israel.
Public Transportation: 0-₪450 As of August 01, 2022, public transportation is free to Israeli citizens over the age of 75.
Food: ₪2,000-₪3,500
Phone/Cell/Internet: ₪220-₪500
Utilities: ₪500-1,000
Health Insurance: 0-₪212 Free for the first 6 months after Aliyah for those without income. Olim begin paying into Bituach Leumi (which in turn pays for basic healthcare) after 6 months or if employed prior to the end of the first year of Aliyah. If you are receiving Income Support from Misrad Haklita (Dmei Kiyum) following your Sal Klita payments, you will be eligible for an additional 6 months of free basic healthcare coverage.
Entertainment: ₪500-₪1000 Includes cable TV, an occasional movie, trip and eating out in restaurants.
Arnona ₪250-₪800 Reflecting the 90% discount received by new Olim during the first year.


 Expense: Cost: Notes:
House setup ₪3,500-₪7,500 Includes furniture purchase and cost of assembly, electrician, and plumber for a shared, unfurnished apartment.
Gym ₪400-₪750
Car ₪2,500-₪3,500 Includes monthly maintenance, insurance, and gas. Does not include the cost of purchasing a car or parking.


Savings plan
Charitable contributions
Mas Hachnasa (Income tax)
Credit cards
Supplementary Insurance
Additional University Costs

For more information on balancing your family’s lifestyle on an Israeli budget, see Baruch Labinsky’s online Financial Planning Seminar from Blabinsky.

*Last updated on August 5, 2022*

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