Here you will find the sample budget for an Olim couple planning their first year in Israel.  This resource allows you to approximate the main monthly expenses you will encounter after making Aliyah.


  • This spreadsheet is for cash out only, and does not reflect income or savings.
  • All furniture, appliances and clothing are shipped from overseas.
  • All sums are in Israeli shekels.
Expense: Cost: Notes:
Total Sum 4,110-9,790
Rent: 2,000-4,000
Public Transportation: 150-300
Food: 1,200-3,000
Phone/Cell/Internet: 110-330
Utilities: 200-1,000
Health Insurance: 0-160 Free basic health coverage for the first six months. Coverage can be free for up to 12 months, if you’re still not working. Monthly cost after this initial period is 160 NIS.
Entertainment: 200-800 Includes cable TV; and an occasional movie, trip and eating out in restaurants.
Arnona 250-800 Reflecting the 90% discount received by new Olim during the first year.
Additional Expenses
Gym 150-380

For more information on balancing your family’s lifestyle on an Israeli budget, see Baruch Labinsky’s online Financial Planning Seminar from Blabinsky.

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