Budgeting is a crucial part of planning a successful Aliyah. The budget sheets below can provide you with a basic picture of what your monthly expenses can look like in your first year after Aliyah.

Please note, that the sheets below refer to cash out only in New Israeli Shekels and do not reflect savings or income.

Not included in these sample budgets: initial costs of setting up a home, the cost of releasing a lift shipment, home maintenance costs, purchasing a car, clothing costs, charitable donations, or savings plans.


For more information on financial planning for Aliyah, please read the article, The ABCs of Aliyah Financial Planning.
For questions on financial planning, consider joining the Facebook group, Living Financially Smarter in Israel.
For a financial planning tool, check out Downloadable Tools and Guides.

*Last updated on August 5, 2022*

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