Army Requirements for Physicians

For Men

* PLEASE NOTE: If you are married, have kid(s), AND are over the age of 30, you are exempt from serving in the army. You must fit all three criteria in order to receive the exemption.

For Women

Physicians and dentists should be aware that the IDF is in the process of implementing new rules and regulations about drafting doctors and dentists. Please refer to the Army Requirements for Physicians section below. The information in the article below is being provided as a service.

The IDF is the ONLY official source of information.

The official IDF article about length of service for physicians and dentists can be FOUND HERE.

Please be in touch with us at [email protected] about how you may be affected by these changes.

  1. Doctors will go through basic training and then join a 3.5 month preparatory program to get to know the army medical system. Depending on their Hebrew level, the army will decide if they need an Ulpan. This will leave them 14 months to serve as doctors in the army.
  2. Almost all doctors will serve as battalion doctors (in army bases and not in clinics), and will be giving general medical treatment.
  3. Doctors will only join the officers’ course if they wish to continue serving beyond the 18 months.

Physicians to which the above applies, will be asked to do Milu’im (serve in the reserves) until the age of 43. You will be paid a salary during this time.

Regardless of your age, all physicians should be in touch with Nefesh B’Nefesh regarding the possibility of IDF service (The IDF may change the age limit at any time).

The army is entitled to draft you after six months of Aliyah. You are allowed to defer the service for up to 24 months from your Aliyah date. If you are asked to serve before the six month period, you are asked to sign a waiver – and it is your right to refuse.

For more information about army service, see Army Service – Length of Service for Men and Women.

Completing a Residency While in the Army

The army allows physicians to do their residency while serving. However, that can only be done after completing two significant combat roles. The following residencies are approved: family, psychiatry, public health, and occupational medicine.

Serving as a Specialist

Physicians can serve as a specialist in their field only after completing their first tour as a battalion doctor.

Salaries in the Army

For the first 18 months, the salary is around 15,000 NIS per month. Physicians who wish to serve more than 18 months will receive a better salary.

* Last updated on January 17, 2024 *

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