In order to become certified as an ultrasound technologist in Israel, it is necessary to complete the coursework at a recognized university either in Israel or abroad. There is currently no official government licensing of X-ray technicians, including ultrasound technologists, in Israel. Olim who have certification from abroad have been working on this basis.

Diagnostic ultrasound, both in Israel and abroad, is divided into four main categories: Obstetrics/Gynecology, Vascular, Echocardiography, and Abdominal/General. In Israel, students must first decide which of these four specialties they will pursue, while in the US programs students often combine the study of OBGYN ultrasound with abdominal ultrasound. Additionally, unlike in America, those wishing to study abdominal ultrasound technology in Israel must first complete studies as an x-ray technologist and then can receive “cross-training” in abdominal ultrasound.

There are three main categories of employers in the field: hospitals, one of the four Kupot Cholim (health clinics), and medical imaging facilities. The Israeli healthcare system differs significantly from that abroad and it can take time to adjust.

The Israeli Ministry of Health does not regulate ultrasound techs and sonographers.  This means that there is no need for a license from the MOH to work in this profession in Israel.  Please note that often hospitals do require ultrasound techs and sonographers to hold a bachelor’s degree in addition to their ultrasound training.  Click here to read the official letter from the Ministry of Health: MOH Letter to Ultrasound Techs and Sonographers (Hebrew)

Hebrew Skills
A good working knowledge of Hebrew is essential. It is strongly advised to study Hebrew before you arrive and to take Ulpan upon arrival. In addition to regular Ulpan, Misrad Haklita will sometimes offer an Ulpan for medical professionals.

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