When you finish your army service and start to look for a job in Israel, there are a range of resources and opportunities that are available to you as a newly discharged soldier. The skills that you gained in the army, as well as your knowledge of Hebrew, will be assets that will help you once you start to explore options within the Israeli work force.

General Resources for Discharged Soldiers: Avodah Muadefet

Avodah Muadefet refers to jobs that are reserved for newly discharged soldiers, which are advertised on a number of websites. They are usually limited to a specified period of time. While the actual salary for these positions is usually close to minimum wage,  Bituach Leumi (the National Insurance Institute) will pay you an additional stipend after the job ends.  For more information regarding these types of positions, please refer to the following sites:

Job Boards at Israeli Universities

Israeli universities usually have job boards which advertise positions for students, and these boards are also a good resource for newly discharged soldiers seeking employment.

Summer Shlichim Program

The Jewish Agency for Israel offers a Shlichim program, in which young Israeli citizens who completed their army service (or National Service) can work in summer camps across North America.

Information regarding the program is available online at Summer Shlichim Program. Please note that there are two different application processes, one for soldiers whose service ends before the summer, and one for soldiers who will be released after June 1st.

Taasu Kav תעשו קו

Taasu Kav is a telephone helpline for job seekers which provides personalized help in the field of employment, include professional guidance, emotional support, guidance & counseling.


Hadracha (Informal Education)

If you are interested in working in the field of informal education as a Madrich/a (counselor), there are a number of programs that hire Madrichim for limited periods of time (depending on the duration of each program). Here are the names of several programs that you can contact to find out if they’re hiring madrichim:

More Information for the Job Seeker

After the army, we recommend you speak with one of NBN’s employment consultants to discuss your career options in Israel. We will help you tailor your resume to the Israeli job market, build a professional network and locate job opportunities. If you are looking for your first job in Israel, please see our extensive database of professions as well as information on finding a job in Israel. Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we post job positions.


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