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Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Consult large clients from Israel and the world where collective labor relations exist.
  • Consult and accompany the aspects of recruitment, retirement, prevention of harassment, equal opportunities, dismissal of employees, recovery processes, privatization, reorganization and reductions in both the private and public sectors, pensions and social security, crisis management, labor disputes, strikes and negotiations with representatives, drafting agreements including senior agreements, confidentiality, and non-competition agreements.
  • Representation and involvement in many and varied litigation procedures, including individual procedures, collective disputes, injunctions, arbitration procedures, mediation, and more.
  • Accompany interfaces with governmental bodies such as the commissioner of wages in the Ministry of Finance, the State Comptroller, and more.


  • One to four years of seniority.
  • English and Hebrew at a good level.
  • Education from a leading academic institution.
  • Previous experience in labor law/litigation is an advantage.
  • Prosecution specialization is a significant advantage.
  • Ambition for professionalism, willingness to invest, ability to work in a winning team, excellent human relations.