Visions of Aliyah

How One Olah Brings Happiness Through Flowers

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I made Aliyah in January 2003, at the age of 23, together with two friends from England after we graduated from university. Growing up in a small Jewish community in Newcastle, I was extremely involved and active in Bnei Akiva and Aliyah was always on my radar. I yearned to live in Israel where the Jewish calendar is an integral part of life.

Dogged Determination: How a 63-Year-Old Oleh Found a Hi-Tech Job in Israel

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Neil Shore, a software engineer from Philadelphia, made Aliyah in summer 2017 with his wife at the age of 62. Aware of the profound ageism in Israel, Neil realized that it would take tenacity and confidence to find a job. I spoke to Neil to find out how at the age of 63 he managed to find a job in the hi-tech sector just ten months after arriving in Israel.

A Country as a Classroom

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Living in Israel was never on the radar for Jennifer or Max Schrutt. In fact neither of them visited the country until they were adults. Jennifer was raised in a Reconstructionist Jewish home on the East Coast, while Max grew up in a Conservative family in Denver, Colorado.


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