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We all know that the North of Israel is absolutely beautiful this time of year but it is also CROWDED. If you are looking to enjoy some Chol Hamoed activities and outings, there is plenty happening in the South during Passover that will not be quite as packed. Below are just a few ideas – there are plenty more – since the Negev is a big region!

Here are some specific ideas to get you started:

#1: Be’er Sheva

There are lots of new attractions in the capital city of the Negev, including the Carasso Science Park and the Lunada Children’s Museum.

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A list of happenings in the city can be found here:

Be’er Sheva will host its big children’s festival on Monday at the Riverwalk park with all of the country’s kid stars – Michal haketana, Kofiko, Yuval Hamebulbal, Sabba Tuvia and more.  Throughout Chol Hamoed, there will be activities and tours in the Old City.

#2: Mitspe Ramon

Mitspe Ramon is always beautiful and offers hikes in the “machtesh,” the Ilan Ramon visitors center, jeep tours, snappling, and star-gazing. See here for personalized family trips –  Plus, the Alpaca Farm in Mitzpe Ramon has special activities to celebrate the annual wool sheering:!blank-1/wh138

#3: Sde Boker

The Sde Boker area always promises wonderful hiking trails, especially the family friendly Ein Ovdat. In addition, the area around David Ben Gurion’s desert home has been updated to include lots of interactive technological features for the whole family. During Chol Hamoed, the site will also be hosting special tours and mud-building.

#4: Kibbutz Alumim

Tuesday and Wednesday – FREE

A brand new visitors center about the history of the Negev; kids activities, kibbutz tour, puppet show, 10:00-16:00

#5 Park Habesor

Park Habesor is a beautiful area to camp out or picnic. During Pesach, it will also be transformed into an “action park” – with trampolines, biking, and navigation games. For those sleeping in the park, there will also be a “night safari” featuring bats and spiders!

#6: Park Timna

Park Timna is one of the largest parks in the whole world. It is an amazing place to camp out and to hike in – If you are heading down to Eilat, make sure to stop here on the way!

#7: Talmei Yosef

Talmei Yosef is a moshav in in the Eshkol region. It has become well-known mainly because of the very succesful attraction called the “salad trail” or “shvil hasalat.” If you haven’t been there yet – it is definitely worth a visit –

If you are in Talmei Yosef, don’t miss the San Pedro Cactus Farm!

#8: Kibbutz Cramim

Kibbutz Cramim will be hosting family days on Monday and Tuesday which will include tractor rides, scavenger hunts, horseback riding, paintball and crafts.




Chag Sameach!!!!



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