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entrance-to-lotanKibbutz Lotan lies amidst the beauty of the Arava Valley in southern Israel, 40 minutes north of Eilat. Founded in 1983 by Reform youth movement graduates, Kibbutz Lotan is one of the youngest Kibbutzim in Israel. Its population is small, consisting of families, members, volunteers, students and tourists. At any given time, there are approximately 150 people that live at Kibbutz Lotan. Almost all share an interest in nature and enjoy dwelling in the beauty of their desert home. The vision of the Kibbutz is to create a community based on Reform Zionist values and environmental consciousness.


As of January 2015, Lotan has become a “kibbutz mitchadesh” which means that rather than everyone pooling their income and getting the same basic allowance, members earn wages from the work they do and pay community taxes.

The income of the Kibbutz is based on agriculture and tourism. The Kibbutz maintains date plantations, a dairy, a tea house, guest house, and a holistic health center.

Members of the Kibbutz also work in various private professions. Educators are particularly sought after in the area and are paid incentives to move to the area.

Education / Youth

Children go to ganim on nearby Kibbutz Keturah. School-aged children attend the local school at nearby Kibbutz Yotvata. Transportation is provided to all educational institutions.


Kibbutz Lotan is located 50 kilometers north of Eilat (approximately a 40 minutes drive). Lotan is 4 ½ hours from Tel Aviv. Buses run Sunday through Friday afternoon. There is a regional bus, stopping at each kibbutz in our region as well as our clinic and regional council, all the way down to the center of Eilat. The regional bus runs every hour and a half to two hours depending on the time of day and does not run on shabbat. Egged has a bus stop just outside of our kibbutz with lines running from Eilat to Dimona, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem as early as 6am and as late as 12 midnight.

Olim Services

Lotan’s population is equally divided between native-born Israelis and immigrants from all over the world.

Hebrew is the only language official kibbutz business is conducted in, but English is a common language spoken in some social settings.

There is no ulpan on the Kibbutz but there is a private Hebrew teacher who offers one-on-one or group lessons from true beginners to more advanced Hebrew speakers.

There is also a strong community of olim who are happy to share tips and advice for olim in dealing with culture differences, dealing with Israeli bureaucracy, etc.

Amenities / Services

There is a regional clinic 15 minutes south of the Kibbutz. Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat is the closest hospital.

There is a makolet with basic goods and necessities including fresh produce, dairy, meats, and other products. For products or goods not sold on kibbutz, there is a have driver who goes to Eilat to purchase for those living on the kibbutz.

There is a communal dining room serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pool is open seasonally every year.

Community and Religious Life

Weekly kabbalat shabbat services and a festive Shabbat dinner are held on the kibbutz. The Cultural committee organizes cultural and religious holidays for the entire community.

Real Estate

Lotan is seeking young families (25-3%) to join the Kibbutz. Potential members are first invited to rent for a trial year. After a year, you can become eligible to build or to rent.


Community contacts

Klita coordinator – Julio, 054-9798954



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