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In just two short weeks, I will be Mrs. Weiss. Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Muchnik. As you may have already inferred, I am getting married very, very soon. To be exact, November 28, 2013. This day is very special to me and my fiancé, Eitam, as it falls on Thanksgiving night and the first night of Hanukkah. We are getting married at the beautiful Dan Accadia hotel in Herzliya. This is also a significant place for us, as Eitam’s parents got married there 32 years ago!

Before anything, let me give a short little shpiel about myself. I am originally from Florida and am 26 years old. I graduated from medical school this past May 2013 from Tel Aviv University. Just before graduation, I moved down to Omer – which is a small town located just north of Beer Sheva. I plan to start working at Soroka Medical Center (once I feel more confident with my Hebrew!) Although I have been in Israel for 4 years, I only officially made Aliyah this past October.

So what is a day like in my current life? Busy. Everyday (Sunday-Thursday) I study at Ulpan Etzion in Beer Sheva. This is a special program that has been around for quite some time across Israel, although it is in its very first year in Beer Sheva. It is designed as a higher-level language study for young professionals. The class meets everyday for 5 hours a day, for a 5 month period.  The classes are offered at The Ye`elim Absorption Center. This is a unique place where many new Olim Hadashim (new residents to Israel) can live and study and their rent and education is subsidized by the government.

So what can you find me busy with after Ulpan? Wedding planning for now! Who knew how complicated chair covers and seating arrangements could be? I have to admit it’s really a lot of fun – even though its stressful and I complain like every other bride. Just last week Eitam and I took our “engagement photos” – better late than never, right?

In short, we’ve been doing a lot of Israel traveling in the past few months to get all the details in order. Let me paint you a picture. In one day, I managed to be in Beer Sheva for Ulpan; Jerusalem to meet my wedding planner, and Beit Shemesh for a hair and makeup trial…. Only to wake up the next day and arrange some “seedurim” in Tel Aviv (literally “arrangements”) as people like to call them here; and then continue on to Ashdod for my third wedding dress fitting; and then finally to finish that day in Beer Sheva for a course required for every bride in Israel before she goes to the Mikvah.

So where do Eitam and I call home? Like I mentioned, we are living in Omer. One of the greatest advantages of this is that we live in a house! We are renting a great house with a huge kitchen, laundry room, family room, dining room, and 4 bedrooms. It’s more space than we really need – and the rent costs less than any of the apartments I had in Tel Aviv! Omer is great – it’s a gated community that is really well maintained and green; and it’s amazing how close Omer is to Beer Sheva (and especially to Soroka, the hospital where Eitam works and I will start working at).

I love being home. I really treasure the moments lately that I have nothing to study and nothing to plan. So how do we unwind? Watching tons of movies in our own little home theater.

And lots and lots of cooking. I love to cook (and lately, bake) so this is something else I am doing on an (almost) daily basis. Every now and again we bring Shabbat dinner with the family down to our house in Omer.

Luckily, I have found some really great supermarket options in Beer Sheva. There is actually a small supermarket in Omer – it has almost everything you need and it’s definitely a life saver for last minute buys! But Beer Sheva is close enough for the big shopping trips. Two of my favorites are: Tiv Tom and Eden Teva. Tiv Tom is a chain that I was familiar with in Tel Aviv. In Beer Sheva, it is a really large market and it carries tons of international products. There I can buy all the American cereals my heart desires and also all the Russian cheeses and candies that I grew up with – I have Ukrainian parents. Eden Teva is something I only discovered recently, and I am a huge new fan. This store has the largest, most delicious produce section I have ever seen in Israel! Here I can buy the most gorgeous and hard-to-find vegetables – and anything organic, if I wish to.

So there it is – my typical day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂

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