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Northern Community Profiles

Whether you are looking for a city, small town or yishuv, whether you seek a community that is secular, religious or diverse, the North has a wealth of communities to choose from.


The communities on the Golan offer a high quality of life. The Golan is known to be one of the most beautiful areas in Israel, with excellent weather: evenings bring cooler air, while summer days are hot and dry. The area has many hiking trails,


Hadera, the largest city in the Hof HaCarmel region, prides itself on the lush ‘green’ space which is meticulously cultivated throughout the city. A forest in the southern end of Hadera provides the residents with a beautiful recreational haven within walking distance.

Har Halutz

Har Halutz is a community village in the central Galilee, situated at the top of a steep escarpment close to the Tefen Industrial Park. The village was established in 1985 by a core group of families from the United States who are affiliated with Reform Judaism. Har Halutz provides an open, warmhearted, pluralistic and multi-age community.


Moshav Hazorim was founded in 1939 as one of the original "Homah U'Migdal" ("Wall and Tower") settlements, before the founding of the State of Israel. Situated 30 meters below sea level in the Yavniel Valley (between Tiberias and Yavniel), Moshav Hazorim has a beautiful, uninterrupted view of the Galil, with low mountains in the backdrop and open rolling fields surrounding the Moshav.

Kibbutz Hannaton

Kibbutz Hannaton, founded in 1983 as a Masorti (Conservative) kibbutz, is situated in the lower part of the Western Galilee midway between Haifa and Tiberias. In the summer of 2008 the Kibbutz voted to become a “kibbutz mit’hadesh” (a revitalized kibbutz), in which it maintains some of the cooperative elements of the original kibbutz system but is privatized.

Kiryat Tivon

Kiryat Tivon is located about 15 kilometers southeast of Haifa, on the ruins of the Second Temple period city of Bet Shearim, in the hills between Emek Yizrael and Emek Zvulun. With a population of slightly over 17,000, Tivon is a 70-year-old, quiet and well-established picturesque suburban community, characterized by an abundance of greenery, private homes, small apartment buildings and excellent municipal services.