What is Go Beyond North?

Go Beyond North is a joint initiative between Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael & Nefesh B’Nefesh to help new Olim tap into the amazing opportunities offered beyond Israel’s center. By investing in both infrastructure and people, we are providing enhanced Aliyah packages and increasing the services available to new Olim. Participation in Go Beyond North is open to Olim who would otherwise be eligible for NBN assistance and who have chosen to settle in the Go Beyond North region.

What regions are included in Go Beyond North?

The Go Beyond North region includes the Upper and Lower Galilee, Golan Heights, Yizrael Valley, Upper Jordan Valley, Yokneam and Haifa and its neighboring suburbs (Krayot). For inquiries regarding whether a specific community is included in the Go Beyond North region, please contact gobeyondnorth@nbn.org.il

What makes the North so special?

Picturesque Northern Israel offers a balance of natural beauty, history and local Israeli flavor. Whether you are looking for a city, small town or Yishuv, whether you seek a community that is secular, religious or diverse, the North has a wealth of communities to choose from. The many affordable housing opportunities in the North allow you to enjoy a bigger, more comfortable home, greater outdoor space, and breathtaking views at a lower cost than in other parts of the country.

How do I find the right community in the North?

Every community has its own individual character and finding the right one for your family is an important part of Aliyah planning. Start by exploring our Community Profiles, discussing what you are looking for in a community with your Aliyah Advisor, and reaching out to our community contacts to get an insider’s perspective on each place. Once you narrow down your choices to a few communities, come on a pilot trip to get a real feel for each community, explore housing options, begin networking for work in your area, and check out options for education.

Will I be able to find a job in the North?

Israel’s North offers employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields including hi-tech and bio-tech, engineering, medical professions, teaching, sales and marketing and much more. In recent years, the government has invested in bringing global companies to the North and building major industrial and hi-tech parks, greatly reducing the unemployment that once afflicted the region.

Finding a job is a full-time job! We have found that flexibility, perseverance, determination and a positive attitude are all key to finding employment in Israel. Strong Hebrew skills are a great – and often necessary – asset for professional success, especially in the North where English is not as prevalently spoken as in the Center of the country.

Our employment department works with Olim before and after Aliyah to help them sharpen and achieve their career goals, while exploring creative ways to adapt their skills to the Israeli job market. She provides job search-related resources, resume guidance, job market information, and – when relevant – professional buddies.

Hundreds of happily employed Olim are proof that you can find professional satisfaction and success in the North!

Should I take a pilot trip?

Go Beyond North strongly believes that a pilot trip is one of the most critical tools for planning your Aliyah, and  is highly recommended. The Go Beyond North staff will help you plan your pilot trip and meet with you when you are in Israel, focusing on your overall Aliyah plan including choosing a community, career guidance, education opportunities and more.

How do I apply?

Any Oleh who indicates interest in moving to a Northern community on their Nefesh B’Nefesh application will automatically be put in touch with a Go Beyond North Aliyah Advisor. If you have already filled out your Aliyah application and are interested in exploring the North as an option, please email gobeyondnorth@nbn.org.il or notify your Aliyah Advisor.

What if I want to move to the North after I’ve already made Aliyah?

Go Beyond North is happy to assist veteran Olim from English-speaking countries relocate to the North. Apply for our Go Beyond Relocation Package to be eligible for community consultations, access to our local Employment Advisor, special programming, and a potential Relocation Welcoming Grant.

I don’t know Hebrew. Can I still live in the North?

Learning Hebrew is essential to an Oleh’s integration into Israeli society. It empowers and enables you to feel comfortable both in the workplace and in social settings. While many Israelis do speak some level of English, working knowledge of Hebrew will make the transition easier as you look for work, navigate the banking and healthcare systems, guide your children through school, and make new friends, particularly in the North. Do not expect to find English-speaking services as readily available in the North as you would in the Center. Finding a job will be significantly easier with some Hebrew knowledge.

We cannot stress enough the importance of learning Hebrew pre-Aliyah. The more Hebrew you know when you arrive in Israel, the more you will learn during your state-sponsored Ulpan, and the easier your transition will be. Whether you already have fairly good Hebrew or are just beginning the learning process, there are things you can start to do even if you are several years away from your target Aliyah date. Take a look at our Hebrew Learning Resources page to get started.

For More Info Contact Go Beyond North


In Israel: 072-336-9295
In US/Canada: 1-866-4-ALIYAH