Finding employment in Israel is often one of the biggest concerns for prospective Olim. The North offers a wide variety of employment options in a number of fields. Opportunities are on par with the center of the country.

There are a myriad of professional possibilities in northern Israel. Below you will find a representative list of fields which is by no means exhaustive. Should you want information on a profession not listed below, please reach out to the employment department directly for personalized assistance – The professional fields highlighted are: bio-tech, education, English language positions (services, content, technical, editing etc.) engineering, hi- tech, incoming and local tourism, manufacturing as well as the medical professions. Additionally, the North of Israel is ripe for entrepreneurship and resources are available to assist those who are interested in opening a business.

Prior to your Aliyah, we encourage you to reach out and begin working on your employment strategy for life in northern Israel.

For more information please contact:

There are numerous bio-technology companies located in the area, these include:

  • Taro (Haifa)
  • Teva (Kiryat Shmoneh)
For a comprehensive list, see the following link.
Teaching English at the elementary and high school level is a practical option for Olim who hold teaching licences and/or have degrees in education. In order to address the need for teachers, as well as to open up additional professional opportunities for Olim, Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Ministry of Education have built an expedited teachers’ training program which integrates Olim into the system. The program is fully subsidized by the Ministry of Education and includes frontal instruction in teaching English as a second language to Israelis as well as a course of ‘Hebrew professions’.  Acceptance into the program is dependent on official recognition of academic degrees and attendance at a Ministry of Education committee meeting in which credentials and suitability to the program are evaluated.

In addition, there are educational centers such as Berlitz (which has two franchises in northern Israel) and the Wall Street Institute which offer opportunities for teaching English to adults. Previous teaching experience is not necessary and training is provided by the centers. Many of these jobs are part time, providing a practical option for those who are in Ulpan or have childcare responsibilities at home.

Tutoring in English is also a viable part time option for Olim, as English is a required course from elementary school through high school. There is a need in particular for tutors for the English Bagrut which high school students are required to pass in order to receive their Matriculation Certificate.

Industry in northern Israel is in need of engineers with expertise – electrical, chemical, mechanical, constructional, civil, process, quality etc. As industry in northern Israel is developing and existing companies are growing, the need for engineers is following suit.

The Engineering Directory – provides a great deal of useful information about the field and links to relevant professional information.

The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and The Ort Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel offer engineering programs that are in great demand and are poised to train young people to fill some of the needs.

There are possibilities for work in English in customer service and sales, both virtually and in a call centre setting. Olim who are experienced technical writers or plan to take a technical course may find work in this field in a number of manufacturing settings in the north. In addition to excellent English, having a solid grasp of Hebrew makes technical writers very attractive to many employers.

Experienced writers, bloggers and Olim with rich experience in English writing have found work writing, editing and content writing mostly in positions that are undertaken virtually. These positions are, for the most part, posted on the popular job posting boards and social media sites. The Employment Advisor can provide these resources to you. For example CIWI – Connecting Independent Writers Israel

In addition, Haifa is home to two major Israeli universities: The Technion and The University of Haifa. There are also nine smaller colleges located in the North. These institutions hire English speakers to work in international relations departments, resource development, research and in select academic positions.

In addition to finding work in existing companies, the North is ripe for the development of new businesses. The Ministry of Absorption provides a great basket of services (highly subsidized) for Olim/returning resident entrepreneurs including, but not limited to, low interest rate loans, coaching, courses, business plan preparation and more. These special services are available via the MALOT initiative provided by the MATI branch Beit Shean/Tiberias – For more details contact Nitzan Aviran at or check out their website.

MATI branches are Business Development Centers that act as a one-stop-shop for the business owner or entrepreneur, by providing them a package of services for their own benefit and successful business performance.

BNI (Business Networking Israel) is a solid resource for Olim who wish to start businesses, providing them with local networking opportunities as well as relevant resources and contacts. BNI has branches throughout the north.

Newcomers to the North are encouraged to be in touch with other Go North Olim who are successfully running their own businesses and working as freelancers – the Go North Employment Advisor can provide contact details.

There are also a number of incubators and accelerators that work exclusively with residents of the north who seek to develop their inventions and reach the business stage (technology, medical devices, biotech and others). These incubators and accelerators have special government funds to support new business development and provide all the support, guidance and know-how to see your business take off. They are located throughout the north. For example: Trendlines that has enjoyed unprecedented success with innovative medical devices and more. For a long list of incubators and accelerators see here.

Many of the large international and Israeli hi-tech companies have branches in the north, particularly in the Matam Technology Park in Haifa and the Tefen Park – for a full list click the following link.

The North is also home to dozens of smaller hi-tech companies and start ups. Here is a sampling of some of the well known hi-tech companies which are represented in the North:

The North presents numerous employment possibilities for Olim in the medical and medical-related fields.  The strong relationship NBN has built up with senior medical administrators in hospitals and health funds in the north can help get your resume to the right people/departments for immediate consideration. To learn more about the larger health services and medical centers in the north follow the links below:

The major health funds (Kupot Cholim) are represented throughout the north:

Health professionals may also be interested in private and public nursing homes, in home services for the elderly, rehabilitation clinics, radiology clinics and private medical services. For example: Haderech Substance Abuse Center. Fliman Geriatric Hospital (Haifa), Italian Hospital (Haifa), Lin Medical Center (associated with Carmel Hospital, outpatient services), Koshorit a home for life for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee, Fligelman (Mazra) Psychiatric Hospital, and the Terem Emergency Medical Clinics in Karmiel and Nahariya.

Northern Israel is developing greater areas of industry and special tax considerations are attracting more industrialists, large and small, to the region. The Manufacturers Association helps businesses in their daily dealings, and because it represents the largest employers’ organization in the country, it is party to macroeconomic decisions and leads organized labor relations in the economy, while encouraging and promoting “blue and white power.” To find out more, see the following link.

There are dozens of manufacturing companies located in local industrial parks all over northern Israel, that are supported by the Israeli Manufacturing Association, these include the following:

Northern Israel is home to many natural attractions: nature reserves; parks; waterfalls; bird sanctuaries; beaches and skiing in season. In addition there are museums and historical sites around which a large tourist trade has grown that includes hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, touring companies, guides etc. Not only do these attractions draw thousands of visitors from overseas, but the north is also the getaway destination for most Israelis!

Olim are working as tour guides, in the hotel industry as front desk/reservations professionals, in restaurants and some run their own B&Bs alongside their day jobs!

For more information, see the Israel Tourism Directory. You can also see the article “The Tour Guide Program” for more information on becoming a tour guide.