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GB South Staff

Donna Horwitz, Director – EMAIL

West Orange NJ > Tene Omarim, Israel

As the director of Go Beyond South, I make all the pieces in our department fit together and guide the department to reach our goals.

My favorite thing about the south is the sky. The south is “big sky country,” – during the day there are beautiful birds flying overhead and at night you can see millions of stars.

In my free time, I enjoy gardening. I planted everything in my beautiful garden with own two hands. I love living through the cycle of the Jewish holidays by seeing everything in my garden come to life – like the Rimon (pomegranate) for Rosh Hashana and the Shkediya (almond blossoms) for Tu Bishvat.

One thing that I want all Olim to know is that my door is always open

Ariela Schwartz, Content and Programming Coordinator – EMAIL

Baltimore >Ashkelon

As Content and Programming Coordinator, I create events that bring communities together and enable Olim to improve their skills in the workforce. My wish is that every Oleh in the South will make their house a home, with a strong support system to lean on that will contribute to their success story.

There is so much growth in the South. The incredible rate of development in communities, infrastructure, and career opportunities speak for themselves. I wish that everyone would take the time to explore the south and get to know it a little better.


Allison Levine Speiser, Employment Advisor – EMAIL

Highland Park, NJ > Merchav Am, Israel

As an employment advisor, I work with Olim before and after they make Aliyah to focus on their employment plans for living in Israel. Whether it is working on a resume, understanding the market or finding a new path, I’m happy to work on topics most relevant to each Oleh.

I really love the south, and it’s hard to pick one favorite thing. I love how it’s not the “regular” place Olim end up. I love that I live where people come to go hiking. I love that traffic all but doesn’t exist here. I love the laid-back atmosphere. I never thought that I’d end up in the south, but I am so happy that life took me in this direction.

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