Elkana has a long history of development, an exciting level of activity for the benefit of all of its residents and an ambiance as a beautiful, comfortable and well-situated community in the center of Israel.

Emergency Resources

Important Numbers Police - 100 Ambulance - 101 United Hatzalah - 1221 Fire - 102 [...]

Nof Hagalil

Surrounded by mountains and nature Nof HaGalil is a small city with a huge potential for Olim. Home to residents of all backgrounds and cultures, secular and religious, young families and retirees Nof HaGalil is inviting you to learn about life in the capital of the Galil.

Mateh Binyamin

The Binyamin region is one of the most beautiful regions in Israel, centrally located in the breathtaking hills just north of Jerusalem. The 48 communities of this region are surrounded by countless historical sites and gorgeous nature reserves. The variety of communities and lifestyles, range of housing projects and prices, and proximity to Israel's metropolitan cities will enable you to pick your ideal place for establishing your new home.

Hebrew Ulpan Online: Why Its Popularity Has Skyrocketed

Teaching just made a comeback as one of the greatest professions! Molding childrens minds, expanding adults horizons, passing down a treasure trove of information from master to student. I believe online learning has made teachers on-trend. After all, when it comes to wanting information, we all look to the World Wide Web! You can study anything from piano to Hebrew, and you get an experienced professional teaching you.

Pilot Trip Without Stepping Foot on a Plane

An unfortunate reality of these unprecedented times is that prospective Olim cannot come to Israel for a pilot trip. Whether you haven’t been to Israel in decades, or you come regularly and have a lot of family here, a pilot trip is usually recommended in order to make professional connections and to find the right community to fit your needs and your way of life.

Petach Tikvah

Petach Tikva was the first city of what is now modern-day Israel, and was founded in 1878. It is now a thriving and dynamic city, which is integrated in every real sense of the word. Residents hail from every ethnic background and level of religious observance, and this has translated in being a place with a wonderfully warm and accepting sense of community.


Rehovot has a reputation for welcoming Olim ever since it was founded in 1890. Rehovot is centrally located and the improved highway and rail systems makes Rehovot easily accessible from the Gush Dan-Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem areas.


Herzliya, the city named after the visionary of the State of Israel, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl, located near a magical beachfront, is a city which has been standing at the forefront of progress in Israel for years – in high-tech, education, quality of life and recreational culture.


Ra’anana was founded in the early 1920s by a group of New Yorkers as an agricultural settlement. Since that time, the city of Ra’anana has only grown in popularity, especially among Olim from North America and the rest of the world.

Beit Shemesh/RBS

Since 1991, the English speaking population has grown to be a significant presence on the Beit Shemesh scene in areas such as commerce, politics, and volunteerism. Yet the beauty of being an Oleh resident of Beit Shemesh is that you join Olim from Russia, Ethiopia, France and other European countries to become part of a vibrant mosaic of the “Ingathering of the Exiles.”

Beer Sheva

In the past 15 years, Be’er Sheva’s population has doubled, boosted by tens of thousands of immigrants as well as young and veteran Israeli couples who have made Be’er Sheva their home. This prosperous university-city now has commercial and industrial centers that serve the over 600,000 residents of the city and its greater metropolitan region

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Considered to be the Manhattan or London of Israel, Tel Aviv is Israel’s city that never sleeps. It is the country’s center of the arts, finance, law, and business, and it offers a wide variety of lifestyles, cultures and around-the-clock places of interest to visit.

Gush Etzion

The Regional Council of Gush Etzion is located southeast of Jerusalem. One of the most important characteristics of Gush Etzion is its diversity, expressed in the variety of settlements and the mixture of religious, secular, traditional, and haredi communities, from every ethnic background and socio-economic level.

Data Science

I work as a data scientist/statistician at a large technology company.  I have advanced graduate degrees and do a combination of exploratory general research (i.e., publishing externally) and trying to solve specific internal company data analytics problems.  Data scientists vary in the type of work they do and in how directly applied the work is, which will depend on the size and nature of the company.

LinkedIn Jobs Filter

Hundreds of jobs in Israel! Easy to network with connections you have to each [...]

Work from Home Tips

Shlomit Ben-Michael works with many olim in remote work settings in the North...

Working Parents Getting Through Corona Times and Preparing for Pesach

6:00 a.m. — Three-year-old wakes up at 6:00 on the dot every morning. Normally I’m up and getting ready for work anyway, but life in the time of Coronavirus means I am working from home. I let her come into our bed and we all chill and read books together for about an hour before we get up for breakfast.

Enduring/Ongoing Power of Attorney and Other Documents

Over the past decades, in the U.S. and other countries, it has become a matter of good practice for individuals to arrange not only for the inevitable in the form of a Last Will and Testament but for management and care for the time when one cannot manage on their own. The documents which people usually seek to obtain, address the following in the U.S.

English as an Advantage

Many people who are considering Aliyah are rightfully concerned about their employment prospects in Israel. The truth is, the stronger your Hebrew is, the easier settling into life in Israel will be for you. But many Olim face the challenge of transferring their career to Israel – does your specific career exist in Israel? Is your Hebrew good enough to pursue jobs in your field upon arrival in Israel? These may seem like daunting questions, but you are actually coming with a huge advantage: English.

Top Five things to Consider when Choosing a Community

Finding the right community for your family is important to matter where in the world you choose to settle. If you’ve decided to make your home in Israel, there may be several factors to consider that didn’t exist in North America. Communities are structured differently here, and these differences are important to keep in mind when choosing where to put down roots.

Ah-ha Moments of Immigrant Parents

On a recent Saturday night, I was preparing my three-year- old son’s sandwich for the next morning for school – yes, in Israel there is school and work on Sundays. I opened my freezer and found I was out of sliced bread and only had pita. I nervously explained to my picky child that we are out of the normal bread, would he be willing to take pita instead? His response was, “Yes! Then I will be like everybody else!”

Children with Special Needs: What you Need to Know

Process.  It is a word commonly heard during both pre and post Aliyah.   Navigating the world of special needs in a new country is a process and can be overwhelming.  It is hard not to compare systems, availabilities of services and ease of access when immigrating from one country to another.  Knowing where to turn and necessary steps to take to ensure that your child receives the services he/she needs prior to your Aliyah will help you set expectations and most of all, give a sense of security upon your Aliyah.

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