Shabbat with Or Hatzafon, Katzrin

Or Hatzafon (Katzrin) invites prospective new members to join us for Shabbat on June 2-3, 2023. Here’s a great opportunity to meet our small but dedicated community, as well as more about Katzrin in general. Please reach out to us via WhatsApp (053-530-1139) to see if home hospitality is available or to receive our “zimmer list”, as home hospitality options are limited.

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What Makes Or Hatzafon Special?

We’re a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Katzrin (in the Golan Heights) and we’re looking to grow!

Our shul emphasizes that EVERYONE is an important part of the tzibbur and we encourage all members of the congregation (men, women, and children) to find their spiritual “bayit” in our shul:

  • Playroom attached to the sanctuary, so children can take breaks from Tefillah as needed
  • Mechitza designed to meet the halachic requirement for separate seating in the synagogue, but still allows women to see and hear everything going on, to carry the Torah through the women’s section, say Kaddish, and get up and speak in front of the Tzibbur when sharing a Dvar Torah. Other shul related events besides Tefillah do not have separate seating and are always open to the entire congregation.
  • No assigned seats – you won’t find seats with names on them, but there’s always a place for everyone.
  • We utilize niggunim and congregational singing during Tefillah whenever feasible, to maximize our ability to maintain a soulful connection to the words of Tefillah. We choose tunes from a wide variety of sources, and emphasize careful adherence to the halachot of Tefillah prohibiting repetition of words.
  • We foster community by having potluck kiddush weekly and aim to host guest speakers and have community meals and events on a regular basis. Our past guest speakers have included: Rav Shalom Carmy, Yael Unterman, Rabbanit Sharona Halickman, Dr. Miriam Feldmann Kaye, Leah Rosenthal, and Rabbi Da’vid Sperling.

We look forward to meeting you and spending Shabbat together! Questions? Please reach out to us at 053-530-1139!


Jun 02 - 03 2023


All Day

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Or Hatzafon, Katzrin
Miklat 14, Eshchar St, Katzrin


Or Hatzafon, Katzrin
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