Jerusalem Foothills: Sunset Hike through History and Beauty

Jerusalem has been a holy city for millenia. But once upon a time, it looked very different than it does today!

Monday, August 1st: Join us on part two of a three-part journey, as we explore the terrain around Jerusalem.  On this journey, you’ll gain a better understanding of the Holy City and its magnificent surroundings. Our second hike will take place at Adulam, a gorgeous nature reserve in the foothills of Jerusalem.  There, you’ll traverse historical terrain with expert guide Ben Zaltzman, learning about the nature, plants, and animals of the Jerusalem Lowlands.

Along the way, you’ll be exploring two ancient towns from the Second Temple Period, right in the middle of the reserve! These beautifully intact villages include underground tunnels from the Bar Kochva revolt.  Get a deeper understanding of the lives and history of the villagers who lived here.

Towards the end of our journey at Adulam, we’ll stop to watch a spectacular sunset from a lookout over the Jerusalem Hills. Enjoy a glass of wine and perfectly paired snacks to finish out a fun, fascinating, and incredible day!

Join us one hike or all three (for 500 NIS instead of 600). The other hikes in this series will take place on Monday, July 25th and August 15th.  This three part journey on the pathways to Jerusalem is going to be amazing!

Contact us for special pricing for couples. Minibus transportation from Jerusalem available for an additional 100 NIS per person. This 5.5 kilometermoderate trail is suitable for most hikers.


Aug 15 2022


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Adulam Grove Nature Reserve
Hurvat Itri
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