Israel Trail 4th Segment: Nahal Dishon to Humema Ruins

Sunday, May 22nd: Our journey along the Israel Trail continues.  Join Hiking the Holyland and expert guide Ben Zaltzman on this incredible adventure! We’ll be beginning the day where we left off last time, at Nahal Dishon.  After a hot cup of coffee, we will continue along the Dishon Stream, past many different types of terrain.

Our day will begin with a walk along the stream, then progress to Baram Forest, one of the Galilee’s most beautiful woodlands.  This forest is a well preserved example of historical forests in Israel, green and lush, filled with oak trees and mushrooms in the right season.

Next we’ll begin the slow ascent towards Mount Meron, the highest mountain west of the Jordan River in Israel.  The uphill climb towards the foot of the mountain is challenging, but we will take it slow, stopping to enjoy the sights along the way. The day ends at the foot of Mount Meron.  Next segment: Climbing to the summit of Mount Meron!

We’ll celebrate the completion of the 4th segment of the Israel Trail with a glass of wine and some light snacks at Hirbet Humema, an old Ottoman Turkish village.

Minibus transportation will be available from Savidor Station in Tel Aviv (at an extra cost of 110-130 per person, depending on the number of passengers).  Spaces are limited, so please sign up early.  This is an extremely popular hike!

We reserve the right to cancel at any time for a full refund. This 14 kilometer challenging hike is for hikers in good physical condition!


May 22 2022


10:00 am - 5:30 pm



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