Get it Right @ Modiin City Tour

Embark on a enthralling bus adventure that will leave you breathless as you experience the rich history of the Modiin region by delving into its past as a segway to the present and future.
Join other olim to get inspired and excited about the remarkable rebirth of the Modern City of Modi’in upon its ancient ruins. Take a journey through time and explore Givat HaTitora, immerse in the history of an ancient Bet Knesset at Um al-Umdan, witness the modern cityscape from Givat Mazmozim, and find tranquility in nature at Park Anabe.
This is your Aliyah, where history and destiny intertwine.
We will meet at the Modiin Sport Center (5 Emek Zevulun) where there is free parking and end accross the street at Park Anabe to picnic and enjoy some social time together.
Bring a picnic blanket and a packed lunch.
Join us on the Get it Right @ Modiin City Tour!
**Please note: This event is free of charge but you must reserve your spot. Only register if you will definitely be attending and if something comes up and you cannot attend, please let us know well in advance so that we can fill the spot.
Our guide:
Shmuel Shantall was born and raised in South Africa in a family with a deep desire to eventually settle in Israel. His Aliyah became a reality in 2005 and he currenlty lives in Modiin with his wife and children.  He transversed the land on a two-year National Tour Guide course qualifying as an Israeli Licensed Ministry of Tourism Tour Guide with now over 25 years of experience.


Jun 09 2023


9:00 am

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Modiin Sport Center, 5 Emek Zevulun


Get it Right in Israel
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