Ethical Shechita Workshop & Experience!

•⁠ ⁠Experience a truly life-changing intimate & ethical small-farm kosher Shechita
•⁠ ⁠A 5-hour workshop shechting and processing a sheep
•⁠ ⁠Explore and deep dive into the Laws of Shechita, Kashrut & the Torah’s guidelines for meat eating, farming, & animal ethics
•⁠ ⁠Learn how to process a kosher animal
•⁠ ⁠Enjoy the freshest, most conscious, intimate , and meaningful BBQ of your life
•⁠ ⁠Meet and make new friends!

Eating meat is a complex thing with many spiritual, environmental, and ethical factors.
Yet, the Torah allows it. Which is why we believe that every meat eater has a responsibility to see at least one shechita in their lifetime. That is why we are doing this and inviting you to join us.

We are excited to be hosted and guided by expert shochet and small-scale ethical farmer Yaakov Ben Moshe of Yishuv Esh Kodesh.

🗓️ WHEN?
Friday, May 24h @9:30-15:00

Yeshuv Esh Kodesh, Shiloh
(Exact location provided upon registration.)

COST? (highly subsidised!)
195₪ for non-cohort members
65₪ for core cohort members

Transportation is available on a first come basis. A spot costs 65₪.
The bus will leave Jerusalem at 8:15am SHARP from the city center. Location provided after registration.

Who is this for?
This experience is open to any and all mature, thoughtful, and sensitive individuals who are seeking a more meaningful and deeper connection to their food and meat eating/vegetarian practices.

Some more details:

  • This jam-packed 5-hour field trip, workshop, and experience is truly a once in a life-time opportunity. If you are a person who is into food consciousness, cultivating a deep connection and awareness of one’s food sources, food ethics, animal ethics, kashrut, and what the Torah has to say about it all, then this event is for you!!
  • During this field trip and workshop we will be partaking in the shechita of an ethically raised small-farm sheep. You will get to participate in all the the components that go into the kosher slaughtering and processing an animal for consumption. All the while, we will be guided by our sensitive and knowledgeable holy shochet, Yaakov Ben Moshe and the staff of Sod Siach, learning about each part and aspect of the process along with its ethical, ecological, spiritual, and kashrut implications and imperatives. We will also learn about the Torah’s guidelines on animal ethics, ethical animal farming, and meat eating.
  • We will then partake in the freshest, most meaningful, conscious BBQ that you have ever experienced and tasted in your life.
  • This is an event for mature, seeking, and conscious individuals.

Contact Miriam at +972 -52-371-3027 with questions.

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