Building Your First Successful Budget in Israel with Suzy Kahati

Would you like to see your money last just much longer?  You are in constant overdraft instead of watching your money grow. You seem to be forever meeting with your bank manager about your financial situation and you would much rather meet with an investment manager.

You have fulfilled your Zionistic dream of coming to live in Israel and now is the time to live the life that you have always dreamt of.   You know that your financial life could be and should be so much better, but you feel lost in the financial jungle.  Yet, you have no idea how to start organizing your finances or even budgeting.  This is even more challenging since you have moved to a different country.

You are invited to come to the lecture on ‘How to successfully build your first budget in Israel’.  In the lecture you will be shown step by step, how to organize and build your first budget.  Remember every positive financial step that you take will bring you nearer to your financial goals.


Feb 20 2023


7:30 pm

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NBN Tel Aviv Hub
Bet Moses, 76 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv
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