Emergency Fund

for Olim FROM
the North & South

In this time of conflict and turmoil, the impact on individuals and families has been devastating. Loss of income, security, and stability are just a few of the many challenges that have arisen since the beginning of the Operation Iron Swords. Nefesh B’Nefesh recognizes the hardships faced by our Olim and we are committed to providing support during these difficult times.

Who Can Apply?

The NBN Emergency Grant is designated for individuals and families who have been affected by war-related income loss. We understand the importance of financial stability, especially during times of crisis. Priority is given to Olim located in the North and South, but the committee will look over and consider each application. 

How to Apply for the NBN Emergency Grant:

Fill out our online application form and our team will review your application with care and discretion.  You may be asked to submit more documentation. 

All applications will receive notification from the reviewing committee.

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