Sderot HaMeginim 131, Haifa, Israel
131 Sderot HaMeginim Haifa Haifa District IL
04-995-0400 (misrad haklitah office) or 04-856-76304-995-0400 (misrad haklitah office) or 04-856-763
Target Population
Part Time / Evening
Gimmel - Daled
Contact Person
Aviva Juliusberger
Misc Information

Designed for doctors, dentists, nurses, biologists, chemists, therapists and technicians, from the North region. Eligibility is dependent on passing the level bet exam. To join, the Oleh is required to pass the Hebrew level test that includes some medical terminology, and medical certificates have to be approved by Misrad Haklita.\”,Free for qualifying Olim..