Elana Blanchard-Goldsmith, NBN Employment Advisor         

Looking for your next job opportunity in the current climate will have you facing a lot of tough questions. With the change in the job market and interviewing from our living rooms, how should the perspective and expectations of a job searcher shift? We spoke to recruiters from various industries who have weighed in on this topic, providing insight for those actively scouring the job boards:

  1. Patience is key. Although at times we take a slow-moving hiring process as a bad sign, this is currently not the case. With many employees working from home and juggling a new load, the hiring process is bound to be slower than usual. Be patient and show understanding. These qualities will not only help you stay persistent during a dragged-out process, but they will also show a potential employer what kind of employee you can be.
  2. New approach to networking. Although the usual meetups and coffee dates are a thing of the past, your networking does not have to be stalled. Engage in online conversations and arrange phone calls with your connections. In this time where everyone is banding together, people are more willing than ever to give advice and help with your search.
  3. Online all the time. With recruiters currently online much of their day, they are more likely to see and respond to a push notification. If you know that a company is hiring, don’t be afraid to reach out to a recruiter directly and make a great impression via a well-worded LinkedIn message.
  4. What you can learn. As an applicant, you can learn a lot about company culture in times of crisis. You can gauge the value they place on things like transparency and flexibility. Although you can’t see the offices and the coffee machine, you can see other sides and values of the company when everyone is working from home. Take this time to observe cues and to assess organizational culture in order to decide if the company is a good fit for you.
  5. Sending a subtle message. Because you will not be engaging in face-to-face communication, your subtle cues will go a long way. Use it to your advantage – be proactive, show flexibility and display openness to change. Going with the flow, adapting to different styles of communication and proving your ability to handle something complicated in a calm way sends a powerful message that the employer will pick up on.

If a company is hiring right now, that means they really are looking for talent. With these different tips, you can put your best foot forward and not lose hope during this complex job search.

Thank you to the recruiters who contributed to this article:

Jessica Friedman Lamdan, Talent Acquisition Partner at Intelligo Group- https://apply.workable.com/intelligo-group/ 

Ma’ayan Hack, Digital Talent Sourcer at Join – Digital Talent Agency – maayan@join.co.il


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