Corona Virus Emergency Information

Israel is in Stage 1 of easing the second lockdown.

The following are the most recent instructions published by the Government, as of October 18, 2020.

The Government has released a new list of guidelines for easing the Seger. Some of the ongoing restrictions and instructions are set to a strategic health standard. The reason for this is to minimize contact between people and as such reduce the risk of exposure. Below are a few examples of guidelines you should stick to in order to keep the virus from spreading further.

The most recent instructions include the following:

  • Protests and prayer services are permitted only in capsules within the gathering limitations below
  • Public transportation- (very) limited service
  • Sport/exercise- no limit on distance for individual exercise. Gyms and pools remain closed.
  • National parks and beaches are open
  • Indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people; outdoor gatherings are limited to 20 people.
  • Educational institutions for age 0-6 are open, as are special education. School for all other ages remains closed.
  • Places of work without public reception may remain open.
  • Restaurants are open for take away and delivery.
  • Essential stores and service providers such as grocery stores, pharmacies, optics, home maintenance, communication products, communication services, and medical accessory services, will remain open.
  • Those arriving from Green countries are exempt from the isolation period.
  • New parents can now invite their parents to come visit the newborn baby.
  • You must wear a mask in ALL indoor and outdoor public spaces (especially, but not only if you around other people) – this does not apply to children under 6.
  • You may visit other peoples’ homes while adhering to the limitations of gatherings.
  • It is permitted to use an elevator up to one half the elevator’s capacity in a building that has more than 5 stories.
  • Bars and clubs are not permitted to open.
  • Event halls are not permitted to open or to host events.
  • Pools are still banned from regular operations but may now operate for the purpose of training by competitive athletes and therapeutic pools may operate for the purpose of hydrotherapy.
  • Only 2 persons (other than persons living together) may travel together in a vehicle. However, in a vehicle with more than one back seat (i., minivans), an additional passenger may be added as long as there is only one passenger per bench/row.
  • Taxicabs are permitted. One passenger per bench or the transport of persons living together, provided that such passengers sit in the rear seats with the taxi’s windows open.
  • Citizens can seek psychological treatment without wearing a mask, provided that a distance of three (3) meters is maintained between patient and therapist.
  • Hotels and Tzimmers remain closed.
  • Temple Mount (Har HaBayit) and the Western Wall (Kotel) are open.

The Justice Ministry has publicized an FAQ regarding the restrictions and fines for disobeying them. Find it here.
The police have published a list of fines for those disobeying the current guidelines. Find it here.

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the current regulations and restrictions.If you are looking for information and cannot find it below, please contact us at NBN Answers *3680, or by email

This is one of the most common questions we receive at this time.

The short answer is, YES.

For an accurate answer, contact your Aliyah advisor as it depends on many factors.

You must also consider the regulations regarding Corona hotel quarantine. See the next Question for more info.

Check out our Aliyah Process Updates for the most up to date info on the Aliyah process.

The government has amended the regulations for anyone arriving in Israel. New arrivals will have the option of carrying out a home isolation as long as they can prove you have an adequate place to isolate in, your own home, a rental apartment or unit. You may not isolate in a location with others.

If you do not have the option to self isolate, or if you are unwilling to sign the isolation declaration committing to isolating, you will be brought to a Corona hotel. If you are arriving with your family you will receive rooms to accommodate your whole family. This is not a resort, you will receive 3 meals a day but this is isolation and you will be forced to stay indoors during this time.

In order to submit an appeal for home isolation, fill this online form.
If this is approved, and only then, you must submit the Ministry of Health home isolation form.
You must submit these forms and receive approval for them both before departure.

The government has amended the regulations stating those arriving from Green countries are exempt from home isolation, as long as they have not been physically in a Red country within 14 days of their arrival in Israel.

Transit through a Red country does not require isolation if you did not leave the airport in that country.

For more info, click here.
For a list of Green countries, click here.

For the most updated entry regulations, click here.

With the assistance of MK Michal KutlerWunsh your parents may now come visit after applying for entry through the local Israeli Consulate/ Embassy.

MK Michal’s exciting post.

For the entry regulations, including the section on entry for grandparents of newborns, click here.

Indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people; outdoor gatherings are limited to 20 people.

You are restricted to the vicinity of 1 km from your home except for the reasons listed here.

All Visas of the following categories, that expired as of March 12th, 2020 have been automatically extended until Jun 30th, 2020.

  • A5 (temporary residents)
  • B1 general (work visa and general) (Nursing care, agriculture, chefs and experts)
  • A1 (provisional status for eligible students)
  • A2 (students / students) and yeshiva students
  • A3 clerics
  • A4 (ancillary to A2 and A3)
  • B4 volunteer

B2 tourist visas can be extended in certain cases. Appointments are not available for Visa extensions. In order to extend your B2 visa you may just walk in to apply for extension in Misrad Hapnim’s offices. For more info, click here.

For more information and updates from Misrad Hapnim, visit their Corona updates page, here.

Restaurants may only offer food deliveries during the lockdown period. 

Beaches will be closed during the lockdown period.

Public pools have been closed with the following exceptions:
– Hotel pools
– Therapy pools
– Pools used for professional swimmer training

Malls and nonessential businesses will be closed during the lockdown period. 

Museums will be closed for the duration of the lockdown period.

Up to 2 people can share a car ride (not including those who share a household). This does not apply to those who work in essential professions who are travelling to work.

Special guidelines have been put in place regarding Minyanim (prayers) for the High Holidays.

Weddings as other gatherings are now limited to 20 participants, and as long as the required distance is kept between participants.

Masks must be worn by all participants.

Event halls have been closed until further notice.

Schools and the education system will be closed for the duration of the lockdown period except for boarding schools, special education, and some other exceptions. Online education is allowed.

It is recommended to avoid public transportation when possible.

Taxis are still operational as per MOH limitations – only the driver and one passenger permitted.

Buses are limited to 20 passengers.

Businesses are open. As long as the health guidelines are kept it is up to the business to determine whether to ask you to come into work. That being said, there is a preference for working from home if possible

Call 101 Magen David Adom and they will instruct you.

In order to be eligible for Unemployment after working in a Vital Work (Muadefet) job you must have worked for 6 months at least. The remaining 6 months of employment required to be eligible for Unemployment are taken from your active service.

For more info, see here.

There are numerous stores that will deliver groceries and pharmaceuticals to your home. 


Shufersal –

Rami Levy –

Yesh Online –

Lev Echad, a National community crisis aid organization has volunteers throughout the country to assist with food delivery. There are English speakers to assist. Call- 02-676-2044.


Super Pharm –

Be (Shufersal) –

ePharma –

Nervous about ordering online? Check out Sam’s super helpful video guide to shopping online.

For all employment questions and concerns, please see here.