Corona Virus Emergency Information

Israel has begun a gradual return to normalization regarding COVID-19.

The following are the most recent instructions published by the Government, as of July 6th, 2020.

The Government has just released a new list of guidelines. Some of the ongoing restrictions and instructions are set to a strategic health standard. The reason for this is to minimize contact between people and as such reduce the risk of exposure to a second wave of the COVID-19 virus. Below are a few examples of guidelines you should stick to in order to keep the virus from spreading further.

The most recent instructions include the following:

  • You must wear a mask in ALL indoor and outdoor public spaces (especially, but not only if you around other people) – this does not apply to children under 6.
  • Gatherings have once again been limited to 20 people and should be held in outdoor spaces.
  • Public parks are still not permitted.
  • Beaches have been permitted.
  • It is permitted to use of an elevator up to one half the elevator’s capacity in a building that has more than 5 stories.
  • Prayer groups (Minyanim) are now permitted indoors as long as the distance requirement (2 meters between participants) can be kept and with a maximum of 20 individuals as long as the space allows.
  • Restaurants may host up to 20 patrons indoors and up to 30 outdoors with appropriately distanced tables.
  • Bars and Clubs are not permitted to open.
  • Event halls are not permitted to open or to host events.
  • Stores and Malls are allowed to open. Businesses are to keep a count of the customers in the store at all times. The number of persons permitted in a business is permitted as long the ratio of one (1) person per 15 square meters is not exceeded (not including the parking lot). The store must mark the distance between registers and put a physical divider between lines to the registers.
  • Museums are now permitted to open. Museums can permit entry to 1 person per 15 sq Meters. No Children play areas or exhibits will be open.
  • Pools are still banned from regular operations but may now operate for the purpose of training by competitive athletes and therapeutic pools may operate for the purpose of hydrotherapy.
  • Only 2 persons (other than persons living together) may travel together in a vehicle. However, in a vehicle with more than one back seat (i., minivans), an additional passenger may be added as long as there is only one passenger per bench/row.
  • Taxicabs are permitted. One passenger per bench or the transport of persons living together, provided that such passengers sit in the rear seats with the taxi’s windows open.
  • Citizens can seek psychological treatment without wearing a mask, provided that a distance of three (3) meters is maintained between patient and therapist.

The Justice Ministry has publicized an FAQ regarding the restrictions and fines for disobeying them. Find it here.
The Police has published a list of fines for those disobeying the current guidelines. Find it here.

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the current regulations and restrictions.If you are looking for information and cannot find it below, please contact us at NBN Answers *3680, or by email

This is one of the most common questions we receive at this time.

The short answer is, YES.

For an accurate answer, contact your Aliyah advisor as it depends on many factors.

You must also consider the regulations regarding Corona hotel quarantine. See the next Question for more info.

Check out our Aliyah Process Updates for the most up to date info on the Aliyah process.

The government has amended the regulations for anyone arriving in Israel. New arrivals will have the option of carrying out a home isolation as long as they can prove you have an adequate place to isolate in, your own home, a rental apartment or unit. You may not isolate in a location with others.

If you do not have the option to self isolate, or if you are unwilling to sign the isolation declaration committing to isolating, you will be brought to a Corona hotel. If you are arriving with your family you will receive rooms to accommodate your whole family. This is not a resort, you will receive 3 meals a day but this is isolation and you will be forced to stay indoors during this time.

In order to submit an appeal for home isolation, fill this online form.
If this is approved, and only then, you must submit the Ministry of Health home isolation form.
You must submit these forms and receive approval for them both before departure.

The limit for gatherings has been amended to 20 people.

2 meter distance between participants is a must and the gathering must take place outdoors. Masks must be worn by all participants.

On May 5th the Government has cancelled the distance limit from ones home.

All Visas of the following categories, that expired as of March 12th, 2020 have been automatically extended until Jun 30th, 2020.

  • A5 (temporary residents)
  • B1 general (work visa and general) (Nursing care, agriculture, chefs and experts)
  • A1 (provisional status for eligible students)
  • A2 (students / students) and yeshiva students
  • A3 clerics
  • A4 (ancillary to A2 and A3)
  • B4 volunteer

B2 tourist visas can be extended in certain cases. Appointments are not available for Visa extensions. In order to extend your B2 visa you may just walk in to apply for extension in Misrad Hapnim’s offices. For more info, click here.

For more information and updates from Misrad Hapnim, visit their Corona updates page, here.

Currently only Israeli citizens may enter the country, with one exception; Olim will continue to be able to enter Israel if they hold a valid Aliyah visa.

Student visa holder families whose center of living is in Israel may receive approval to enter Israel if they show proof to the Israeli Consulate.

If you do not qualify for entry at this time and would like to appeal to enter Israel, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Restaurants are offering food deliveries. Takeout and self pick-up options have been reinstated, and sit down options are limited to 20 patrons indoors and 30 outdoors with tables spaced accordingly.

Entry to beaches has been reinstated. The distance requirement must be kept.

Public pools have been closed with the following exceptions:
– Hotel pools
– Therapy pools
– Pools used for professional swimmer training

The Government has approved the reopening of Malls and Marketplaces under a list of guidelines.

Museums have been opened under the following restrictions:

  • One visitor per 15 sq meters (160 sq feet).
  • Distance must be kept between visitors.
  • No children exhibits or play areas will be open.

Up to 2 people can share a car ride (not including those who share a household). This does not apply to those who work in essential professions who are travelling to work.

Prayer groups (Minyanim) are now permitted indoors as long as the distance requirement (2 meters between participants) can be kept and with a maximum of 20 individuals as long as the space allows.

Keeping the above guidelines in mind, ask your local Rabbi for his instructions for your community.

Weddings as other gatherings are now limited to 20 participants, and as long as the required distance is kept between participants.

Masks must be worn by all participants.

Event halls have been closed until further notice.

The extension of the school year was not approved.

As the summer has begun, most schools are going on vacation. Those schools that are still in session are responsible to update the parents on a regular basis.

It is recommended to avoid public transportation when possible.

Taxis are still operational as per MOH limitations – only the driver and one passenger permitted.

Buses are limited to 20 passengers.

The government has restricted the opening of businesses and have set very strict guidelines for those to conduct business and guidelines for their employees while keeping to distancing employees two meters apart and providing them with all needs that will help keep personal hygiene and prevent contact with others.

The government has extended the allowances for businesses who were allowed to have up to 15% of their workforce in the office. Now these businesses can have up to 30% of their workforce in the office.

This is as long as they stick to a very strict set of guidelines.
The business must appoint a Corona supervisor to observe these rules.
Personal hygiene must be kept and disinfecting must be done in set intervals.
Masks must be work in public spaces.
In open spaces physical divider must be erected between employees.
Up to 2 employees in any office up to 20 sq meters (215 sq feet).
Whoever can work from home should do so.
Explanatory signs must be put up in the workplace.
No gathering by the coffee machine or kitchenette.
No shared eating in a cafeteria.

Call 101 Magen David Adom and they will instruct you.

In order to be eligible for Unemployment after working in a Vital Work (Muadefet) job you must have worked for 6 months at least. The remaining 6 months of employment required to be eligible for Unemployment are taken from your active service.

For more info, see here.

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Lev Echad, a National community crisis aid organization has volunteers throughout the country to assist with food delivery. There are English speakers to assist. Call- 02-676-2044.


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Nervous about ordering online? Check out Sam’s super helpful video guide to shopping online.

For all employment questions and concerns, please see here.