Applying for your Israeli Driver’s License

In an attempt to streamline the driver’s license application and conversion process, the Ministry of Transportation’s Licensing Bureau has moved the process online and digitalized the ‘Tofes Yarok’. The physical ‘Tofes Yarok’ is no more.

For information and a step by step run down of the process, see our Driver’s License conversion page.

The new online form is in Hebrew only! We have created the guide below that you can follow for step-by-step instructions in English on how to apply for your Israeli Driver’s License.

Driver’s License Application

Personal Information and License Level

Medical Questionnaire

Below is a list of medical related questions. Answer No in the left column if they do not apply, and Yes in the right column if they do. If you answer Yes, an additional question will appear asking for more details, such as if you are taking specific medication or when the last time you experienced an episode.

Once you click Submit, you have completed step 1 of the Driver’s License conversion process.

Follow the next steps here, in order to complete the process and receive your official Israeli Driver’s License.

For any questions or issues reach out to NBN Answers at or call *3680.

Created: July 28, 2020.