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Enduring/Ongoing Power of Attorney and Other Documents

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Over the past decades, in the U.S. and other countries, it has become a matter of good practice for individuals to arrange not only for the inevitable in the form of a Last Will and Testament but for management and care for the time when one cannot manage on their own. The documents which people usually seek to obtain, address the following in the U.S.

Licensing a Firearm in Israel

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Although it is common to see 18-year-olds in and out of uniform with sophisticated rifles, Israel has very strict regulations for civilians who wish to own a personal weapon. Read more about licensing a firearm in Israel here.

Teudat Zehut – Israeli Identification

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Every Israeli adult is issued a Teudat Zehut (Israeli personal identification) upon turning 16. This document is made up of two parts - a card with personal information about the cardholder and a paper addendum (Sefach) which contains the personal information (name and ID numbers) of their immediate family members (spouse and children).

How to Get an Israeli Passport as an Unregistered Ezrach Oleh

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If you have at least one Israeli parent you are required to have an Israeli passport.  This is true even if you were born outside of Israel and never resided in Israel as a minor. You may qualify as having “Ezrach Oleh” status and have similar Aliyah benefits to a new immigrant (Oleh Chadash). An Ezrach Oleh is required to have an Israeli passport for Aliyah approval at their interview with the Jewish Agency in order to obtain Aliyah approval. This article outlines the instructions for those born to an Israeli parent abroad and have never been registered as an Israeli and never held an Israeli passport to issue an Israeli passport.

General Tax Issues When Making Aliyah from Canada

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Becoming a non-resident of Canada will generally not affect your citizenship status in Canada. Canada does not typically ask people who become non-residents to give up their citizenship. However, your change in residency status will significantly change the manner in which you are taxed by Canada. How? For starters, Canadian residents are taxed on their worldwide income while non-residents are taxed only on their Canadian-source income.

Making Aliyah from the UK – Tax Considerations

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Welcome to Israel! Making Aliyah can be a daunting prospect, and all the more so when you're entering a new tax regime, i.e. that of Israel. This article is to help you consider some of the issues from the UK point of view, although we will touch on some of the Israeli aspects. It goes without saying that bespoke advice should be taken for each individual circumstance.

Private Health Insurance in Israel

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For one living in Israel and wanting top quality medical care, it is usually unnecessary to travel abroad to receive it, as Israel is a country where advanced medical care is available. In fact, Israel does a lively business catering to the medical needs of wealthy foreigners who choose to come here to receive high quality medical care.

VIDEO: Driving in Israel for New Olim

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For many Olim, obtaining an Israeli driver’s license and purchasing a car are significant milestones in the absorption process. The following articles walk you through the process of obtaining a license, offer you comprehensive information about purchasing or shipping a car, and cover other issues related to driving in Israel. Driving in Israel? Be an Educated Driver! Driving class given by Israeli instructor in English

Arnona (Reduced Municipal Tax)

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All cities and towns in Israel charge Arnona (property tax). Olim are customarily granted a discount of 70-90% on the Arnona payments (for up to 100 sqm.) and are usually entitled to take advantage of this discount during one of the first two years after Aliyah, i.e., for one 12-month period.

Aliyah Benefits

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The Israeli Government offers a wide range of Zechuyot - financial benefits designed to help new Olim with expenses such as health insurance, Hebrew studies, education, housing, customs tax and more. Zechuyot are valid for a limited time period; and individuals with an Israeli background may not be eligible. Read the articles below for more information about your Zechuyot and how best to utilize them.

Post Aliyah Guide: New Olim

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The steps below will guide you through your first few weeks after Aliyah. You will find a list of what to expect, which offices to visit, and which documents to bring as you obtain your Israeli documentation and begin your life in Israel.

Sal Klita Calculator

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The Sal Klita calculator allows you to determine exactly how much money you will be receiving as part of your Sal Klita. This calculator does not cover all possible scenarios; the amount of your Sal Klita is related to your Aliyah status, as determined by The Jewish Agency for Israel. Please be in touch with your Shaliach for further details.

Overview of Israeli Healthcare System

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Every resident of Israel is insured for healthcare under the National Health Insurance Law, through payment of monthly premiums to the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi). New Olim, Ktinim Chozrim and Ezrachim Olim are entitled to up to one year of free health insurance for the basic level of coverage, if they are not working.

Kupot Cholim

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Four health plans, or Kupot Cholim, provide health care services in Israel: Maccabi, Meuhedet, Clalit and Leumit. Each health plan offers several levels of service: the basic basket of services, supplemental insurance and long-term care insurance. Contact information may be found below.