Tel Aviv is known to be a secular city, but it also includes a mixed religious population with synagogues, communities and social organizations of every denomination. The following synagogues may appeal to you. Remember, there are many options!

Chabad Center of Tel Aviv

16A Ba’alei Melaha Street

Chabad on the Coast

18 Bar Kokhva Street, Tel Aviv
Chabad on the Coast is the first English speaking Chabad House in the heart of Tel Aviv and aims to infuse Tel Aviv with vibrant Jewish life and serves the English speaking community, young professionals and those from all over the world, providing Jews, regardless of their backgrounds, an open environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish life. Services every Friday night after candle lighting and every Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Havurat Tel Aviv

Gymnasia Herzeliah, 106 Jabotinsky St, Tel Aviv
Egalitarian (traditional Ashkenazi-style service)
Havurat Tel Aviv meets every Friday night, on Shabbat mornings twice a month, and for all of the Hagim. They often work together with the Minyan Shivyoni.

Heichal Yehuda Synagogue

13 Ben Saruk Street
Recanati Shul, Sephardi Orthodox

Ichud Olam

86 Ben Yehuda Street
Modern Orthodox, Young Families, Anglos & Israelis
Wonderful community for young couples and their children
9am-Noon Shabbat mornings

Kehilat Saini

88 Bugrashov
Masorti (Conservative)-Egalitarian congregation. and

Kehilat Tiferet Shalom

Sol & Sissy Marks Chess Center, 26 Tagore, Ramat Aviv
Egalitarian Conservative (Masorti) community
Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg
Services:  Shabbat, holidays, bar & bat mitzvahs, weddings, conversions
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Masorti Congregation of Neve Tzedek

Chelouche (Shlush) 42
Conservative, pluralistic, egalitarian
Hosts services and classes in addition to social and cultural activities. or

Moishe House Tel Aviv

Social events, Shabbat dinners, volunteering, learning evenings, and more
For young professionals (22-35), Religious, Traditional and Secular
Moishe house hosts regular weekly events, classes, parties, speakers, workshops, socials, volunteer opportunities, concerts and Shabbat/festival meals for young professionals (22-35) in Tel Aviv

Nathan HaHacham Synagogue

10 Natan HaHacham Street
Orthodox, French & Sephardi Olim
8:30am-11am Shabbat mornings.

North Central Synagogue – Jewish Community Center of Tel Aviv

126 Ben Yehuda Street
Modern Orthodox, Young Olim & Israelis
Massive Shabbat community with open Kiddush Lunch
9am-Noon Shabbat mornings

Ohel Moed Synagogue

5 Shadal Street
French Sephardi Orthodox

Rosh Yehudi

54 Bar Kochba Street
Orthodox, Mainly younger Tzabarim, Offers a wide variety of Jewish studies Yehudi/177392938977770

The Goren Shul

20 Modigliani Street
Modern Orthodox, mainly Israelis
8:30am-11am Shabbat mornings.

The New Kehila of Ramat Aviv

12 Daniel Moritz St.
Masorati (Conservative)

The Tel Aviv Community Kabbalat Shabbat

Internationals, Israelis, and many Jewish organizations coming together to create welcoming Kabbalat Shabbat festivities. Flagship Friday eve event is “The Happiest Hour”, hosted with a free open bar.

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue-Congregation Bet El

Frishman 23 (just off Ben Yehuda)
Modern Orthodox, Olim and Israelis
Kabbbalt Shabbat followed by Champaign Kiddish
9:00am Shabbat morning, followed by Cholent & Kugel Kiddush

Tel Aviv Minyan Shivyoni

Traditional & egalitarian Kabbalat Shabbat
Young Olim & Israeli
Hosting Kabbalat Shabbat twice a month and a monthly vegetarian pot-luck Shabbat dinner

Tel Aviv Torah

Postings for English Torah Classes held in Tel Aviv

Yachad Tel Aviv

20 Zeitlin Steet
Orthodox, Liberal, and Open to all

Heichal Moshe Synagogue

Sderot Smuts 22

Yakar Tel Aviv

6 Yericho Street
Modern Orthodox, mainly Tzabarim,
9am-11:30am Shabbat mornings.

White City Shabbat

White City Shabbat acts as a virtual matchmaker, connecting everyone with Shabbat hospitality all over the city, for both dinners and lunches. Bringing the concept of gourmet dinner party dining to a wider community, the organization also hosts its own private Shabbat meals for over 100 young professional international attendees every month.