Building Your Community

Building your community and developing a new social network is an inherent part of the Aliyah process. You can stay connected to other Olim by joining the Nefesh B’Nefesh group on Facebook. The group is open to NBN applicants and Olim, allowing you to network and connect while sharing your experiences and getting valuable updates on NBN news and events.

In addition, for more details about Nefesh B’Nefesh, our events and activities, Like our growing Facebook Page.

Apartment Hunting

If you’re looking for an apartment, is a free Website for Olim with a housing section which assists those who are looking for both a roommate and/or an apartment.

For additional housing resources, see Housing Resources.

Popular Synagogues in Jerusalem

For Olim in the Jerusalem area, here is a list of some of the more popular synagogues located in the area between Nachlaot and Talpiot:

Name Address Location Phone 
Kol Haneshama (Progressive) 1 Asher Baka 672-4878
Kehilat Yedidya (Pluralistic) 12 Nachum Lifshitz Baka 679-0540
Nitzanim 3 Asher Baka 673-1881
Chabad of Baka (Orthodox) Derech Bet Lechem 104 Baka 054-830-5799
Shir Hadash 4 Cheyl Nashim Street Katamon
Shira Hadasha 12 Emek Refaim German Colony
Ramban Synagogue (Dati Leumi) 4 Amatzia Katamon
Late Minyan (Orthodox) 4 HaShayarot Katamon
Yakar 10 Halamed Hey Katamon 561-2310
Shtiblach (Orthodox) Hachish,
Corner of Maapilim
Ohel Nechama (Orthodox) 3 Chopin St. Katamon
Simchat Shlomo (Orthodox) 18 HaGilboa Nachlaot 622-1456
Kol Rina 26 Beer Sheva Nachlaot
Yeshurun (Dati Leumi) 44 King George Rechavia 624-3942
Chabad  Rechavia & Nachlaot (Orthodox) 6 Ibn Shaprut Rechavia, Nachlaot 052-564-6633
Hovevei Zion (Orthodox) 14 Hovevei Zion Rechavia
Beit Knesset Hanassi (Orthodox) Ussishkin St. Rechavia
Bet Yosef  17 Shimoni San Simon, Rasco 679-0120
Ohel Nechama (Orthodox) 3 Chopin Talbiyeh
Yisrael HaTzeir (Orthodox) 3 Meir Nakar Talpiot Mizrach 054-758-3360
Moreshet Avraham (Conserv./Masorti) 22 Adam Talpiot Mizrach 673-7183
Kehillat Ma’ayanot (Conserv./Masorti) 11 Israel Eldad Talpiot-Arnona 054-564-2253
Mayanot  28 Narkis St Nachlaot  02-538-8770