Here you will find a sample budget for a family planning their retirement in Israel.  This resource allows you to approximate your monthly expenses during your first year of Aliyah.


  • All sums are in US Dollars.
  • All furniture, appliances and clothing are shipped from North America.
  • Upon arrival, you will be renting your residence.
  • Car expenses include, fuel, insurance, registration and maintenance, but not cost of purchase.
  • Family Size- 2 adults (but costs will not be cut in half for a single)
Monthly Expenses (approx.) Per Month
Rent $600-$1500
Note that a retirement home will cost considerably more and require maintenance
Transportation – Car $500-$650
Public transportation will cost approx: $200
Food $550-$800
Phones/Cellphones/Internet $150-$250
Utilities $150-$300
Health Insurance 0-$250
There is a variety of upgraded health plans and private policies.

Availability and costs of medications and treatments should be carefully investigated.

Other Insurance/Medical expenses $200-$300
includes life, home, property, as well as dental and optical care
Entertainment $150-$350
includes cable, occasional movie, restaurant, vacation
Municipal Taxes (Arnona) $10-$100
Representing 90% discount for first year.
Total Estimated Monthly Expenses $2,310 – $4,500


For more information on balancing your family’s lifestyle on an Israeli budget, see Baruch Labinsky’s online Financial Planning Seminar.


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